We like Sprint. We like Motorola. And, most important, we like lunch. So when Sprint and Moto announce an invite-only luncheon in New York City, you bet your bottom dollar we'll be there with bells on -- and forks in hand.

What's that? They'll be showing off some new devices? Hey, that's great, too!

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moosc says:

its the 4g MOTO photom

VDub2174 says:

Can't wait to see what it is!!

Dark_Blu says:

Don't get excited. Last time Sprint had an invite only party, it was just that ridiculous "Nintendo DS phone" that no one cares about. This time, it's just to announce a Sprint MOTO Xoom, perhaps on 4G (which will only work within the two block radius of some random place where a hand full of people can even get a WiMax signal). Nothing important or exciting. If Steve Jobs were appearing with Sprint at an event, that might be interesting though...

deltatko says:

Wow, why even comment?

Worst. Comment. Ever.

And not even correct: Samsung Replenish initial review

tailsthecat3 says:

I'm not sure about this response.

But I want a solar panel for my NS4G...and ALL phones! Companies need to follow in sammy's footsteps.

RkyMtnHigh says:

I'm one of the "handful" of people who get a very good WiMax signal, and that's all that matters to me. A buddy of mine and I went into civilization (Denver) last weekend where he had LTE on his beloved Bolt and I on my trustworthy WiMax available Evo...Our pages opened the same speed while browsing the web, and when we both downloaded the same FULL CD from bolt.cd (illegally I'll admit) he beat me by a full second in a 103MB downloaded .rar file. Biggest difference is when we come back up here, I still have WiMax, and he is at 1x half the time...lol Get in the back.

You have got to be kidding, because you can't be as stupid as your post makes you appear.

You have got to be kidding, because you can't be as stupid as your post makes you appear.

aoaleman says:

Cool story bro

Go Android! says:

I agreed with you that last time Sprint only announced the Echo...but then you started bashing Sprint's 4G.

TheDonJ77 says:


VDub2174 says:

Thanks for the comment Debbie Downer.

svargas05 says:

Are you a lost wanderer from TiPB?

Raadius says:

The Atrix 4G is coming to Sprint w/ Wimax.

svargas05 says:

But only it's a bigger and better Atrix 4G :)

I would love to see the Atrix come to sprint. It would make the decision to drop the Evo 3d much easier.

Unfortunately i cant get too excited. Last time i did, i was surprised by the kyocera Echo. Hopefully this is a worthwhile release to get excited about

objdadon says:

Motarolla don't make the evo 3d, the release date should be sprints announcement! Stop already!

tailsthecat3 says:

please try to understand the post before responding...

deedemarco says:

Sprint needs more luncheons with Samsung. I'm addicted to S Amoled Screens....

grinchyyy says:

Evo 3d locked bootloader makes me salivate for a Sprint flavored Atrix!

tailsthecat3 says:

locked bootloaders are a pain but shouldnt deter you from a device...because eventually, itll be rooted.

bbarend says:

The EVO 3D has an encrypted bootloader with 256 bit encryption. It is not going to be easy and may not be possible to crack.

IceDree says:

Still could be worse
The MileStone has an encrypted bootloader with a 1024 bit Military grade encryption

svargas05 says:

And Alcatraz is no longer a running prison, but it was pretty tough to crack too.

nerdydesi says:

A slider phone please?

VDub2174 says:

That would be awesome!!

It's great to see they are strengthening there line up we on sprint appreciate that always but now the time has come for the Evo 3d and it better be out June 3rd or June 4th. And as for that above comment concerning Steve Jobs that event won't happen till September sometime. It's EVO 3D TIME NOW WE HAVE WAITED ENOUGH ALREADY....

dan4patriots says:

It is not great to see you here richard, we would appreciate it if you stoped typing in caps and kept your comments to yourself. As for this comment, do you work at sprint or apple to know such "info"?. It is time now for you to leave, we have waited enough already

dan4patriots says:

my bad, double post

Busta-B says:

Gawd I hope it's the Atrix! This will give me a solid reason to upgrade from my EVO...

rlbrooks says:

If Sprint can get a high-end android from Moto, they will then have high-end androids from the big three manufacturers. Not too shabby Sprint.

MotoDroid says:

Motorola Titanium from Nextel!!!!

rlbrooks says:

You might be on the something....Selfishly, I hope for more.

ZDriver says:

I'm sure its some type of Nextel phone with Android 1.6 on it..... Bring on the Atrix 4g with gingerbread please

Go Android! says:

I don't like Motorola's phones. They look cold and hard, and the locked bootloaders.

joshua.worth says:

No more Motoblur please

Motorolia xprt (droid pro) world droid!!! Count on it!!!

svargas05 says:

They already announced that phone via a Sprint Press Release....

It isnt going to be the XPRT.

ccw1134 says:


Agreed. XPRT ftw ;)