With the onslaught of e-readers in the works, and the tablet device craze gaining steam, life has to be tough for the Alex.  It clearly has slipped off the radar recently, even the announcement that it's started shipping already didn't find much coverage.  I've not had a chance to fiddle with it, but I can see why some of the competition gets more favorable press.  It's big.  It's still running Cupcake.  It has no menu button !?!

It does have however a nice, easy-to-read e-ink display. And as of late Sunday afternoon, it
has something else that many will be interested in --  A mystery hacker by the name of
Bluebrain has got the thing cracked open.  It looks to be a relatively simple task, all the
hard work has been wrapped up nicely into a single download.

I'm not convinced that this will be enough to save the Alex from a doomed life in the shadow
of iPads and Nooks, but it certainly piqued my interest in the device a little bit.  We'll
keep an eye on things, and if any sort of outside development community springs up (pun
intended - zing!
) I know I'll be looking at it a little harder.  Anyone out there using an
Alex?  We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments! [via engadget]


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Spring Design Alex e-reader gets rooted


I'd love to have one of these, if only they'd put a reasonable price on it. $399 for a Nook with a slightly larger screen? No thanks...I'll wait.

have to agree with ya there. Knock the price down a hundred bucks, play up the Borders bookstore and Google books support and we wouldn't have to look for reasons to like it. The hardware seems solid, even if it is a bit clunky in the style department, and now it's hackable. We'll see.