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Let's make a pretty big dent in the pile on my desk, shall we? The ASUS MeMO Pad might be far from our favorite 7-inch Android tablet out there, but that doesn't mean we don't want it to go to a good home. Despite what the box shows, we're giving away the same one we reviewed, in its "cherry pink" color. (Which really is more cherry than it is pink.)

To win this guy, just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight EDT tonight and pick a winner. (And, yes, we'll be announcing all the winners later this week.) Good luck, everybody!


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Spring Cleaning: Win an ASUS MeMO Pad tablet!


Would love to own one of these bad boys. Love Asus branded products.

In the name of Android i command you to make me win this! :P

thanks for giving us a chance.

Free stuff is great. I like this spring cleaning Phil. Want to send your S4 this way? :-)

I'm in. I didn't get to add a comment to the last Spring Cleaning contest, for some reason the input field wasn't showing up. Hopefully this one gets entered.

If I won this, it would never leave the house! I'm a manly man, got a reputation to maintain here!

AC is my main source for everything Android. Cheers to you all, and here's to hoping I wake up in the morning as the owner of a brand new MeMO Pad!!

Please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please .....

Phil picks me please, never had a tablet.

I am already getting addicted to the promotion of the android central.

one day I won.

I have a young niece who would benefit from her nice uncle gifting her this tablet. She loves my Nexus 7 but this would be a great fit for her.

Mine mine mine mine!
They say that if you focus and believe, you can actually do it :P

My very first tablet

This would be the perfect mother's day gift for my friend Lori at the library!! While she does have kids, she is currently without tablet ... :(

Sorry everyone the correct answer was: 'a comment' it was a trick question. Thanks for playing thought.

I'll take my Tablet now thanks.

I tried and tried, and could not think of a reason why I should NOT enter this.

I'm very upset/jealous/sad/amazed... I want every item on your desk please, can you include the Nexus 4 too? :D Cherry Pink, ok, I'll man up.

I really could use this tablet to replace my daughter's Kindle Fire I accidentally dropped on granite and destroyed!

Would be an awesome gift for my girlfriend. With thus she can stop stealing my nexus 7 lol :).

Using my galaxy nexus is now becoming a pain, I would love to have a tablet to do simple things like check email and social networks so I don't kill my battery every 6 hours. Also thanks guys for having these giveaways all the time!

So many comments, so little chances to win... But I still wanna try! :) hehe Please, give it to me!

Thanks for another chance. This time it should work. Fingers crossed! Happy mother's day to every mother in the world!

I have my first daughter being born the end of this month, this would be an awesome way to share pics of her, my wife would be in heaven!!

I must say that they make a good product, I would love to be able to have this, for my dad who is in need of a good tablet.

I would love for the chance to have one of these as it seems to be I think a pretty cool idea. :) I like the concept of using your phone with your tablet.

This guy could use a new tablet. He's still rocking the OG Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab. (Yeah the one running gingerbread still.)

Would you be so kind as to give me something please? You are killing me with all these possibilities. Anyway, congratulation to the winner. I love Ellen Page!

I would so love to win this! I haven't won anything yet from AC, this would be a perfect belated Birthday Gift!

I'd definitely give it a happy home full of good use and TLC. Pass one over this way please.

I would love to give to my lady for Mother's Day. And the color would be just right.

I can't think of a better person than me to give this to. It would be great for my upcoming trip to Germany. Brutal flight!

I have no kids, no mother who would love this so that that leaves me, me, me. pure unadulterated selfishness for myself. i want this.low end, low specs asus memo its perfect for your truly.

Android central is the encyclopedia for the androod universe.. I get daily dose of android news from here only ... Right now i am accessing from my galaxy ace which makes my experience bittersweet... If i win this asus memo pad my veing experience will be like jelly bean's project butter so keeping my fingers crossed

Cheers to you guys for hoating such a wonderful website .. Great job


I've been looking to get a tablet for my Grandma, this would do nicely. Thanks for the opportunity.

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