My office is finally a bit more manageable, and I can see my desk. Thanks everyone for participating in the giveaways, it really does make us feel better to know that this stuff is going to people who will use and appreciate it instead of it just laying around. 

We promised a list of the winners, and now that everyone has been contacted and responded, here it is!

Congrats guys, I'll be sending your stuff out shortly. Hope you enjoy it all as much as I have. 


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Spring cleaning giveaway round 2 winners


Thanks +Jerry Hildenbrand foot the opportunity!
Congrats to all the winners!

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congrats to all the winners!

hopefully Big Jerry didn't have too much toilet time with these prizes. now that's a vision that will haunt your nightmares!!!

I can't wait to get the N4. The toilet comment doesn't phase me, I use 'down time' to check email :)

Thanks guys.......
Spinnerfarm. We raise and train quarter horse for showing and also raise sheep here on the farm (plus we have a couple of llamas that guard the sheep)

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Spinnerfarm, I'm happy for you and the other winners! (I thought that the comment from Gekko was funny, because my smartphone goes with me, plenty of places, and the toilet comment wouldn't phase me either.) If I won the phone, I also, would be ecstatic!

This is so cool to actually win the Kindle Fire, really surreal haha. I'm the type of person who never ever EVER wins these things, so it really came as a shock to get that email that I won out of 2000 comments. Someone has to win, so as unlikely as it is (and it is so unlikely lol) it doesn't hurt to take 15 seconds to enter and who knows what can happen.

Anyways, thanks so much to Jerry and Android Central for the Fire, and keep up the amazing work you guys do here. You're the #1 Android site on the web by far!!


Congrats to all the winners. I must have missed the post about who won the BT S Pen which I sooooooooooooooooo wanted and still do. Ah well...