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Spotify update brings NFC sharing and bugfixes


First! Always wanted to do that...

On a more serious note, new update still doesn't allow for landscape while in car dock, WTH?

Hmm...still doesn't let me play my local files from my computer on my phone. Also still doesn't let me store cached tunes on the SD card. These are just the two most important things that used to exist and no longer do. Whats going on here Spotify? I swear they don't listen to their paying customers.

I was able to find a workaround for the SD card thing, using it on my GS3 with a 64GB card with great success. Google around for "store spotify songs SD card" or something like that, and you'll find the forum link. Basically all you do is download and install an older .apk of Spotify that had this option, set it up, then update Spotify to the latest version. Works flawlessy, although I agree it's BS that we need a workaround in the first place. What good is a 64GB card if I can't effing save my music to it?

Update, here's the link:

Hope this helps some peeps.


I am SO glad that they added more features, and decided NOT to put anything that was in the older version, or fix the problems that were already in this. Rdio might not have all the features, but they are dedicated to keep on squashing as many bugs as they can, and fast!

I saw this and thought, hey, maybe I'll give this Spotify thing a shot. DL'd it, then it says you need a facebook account to create a spotify account... fail. Maybe it's just me but I think facebook represents all that is evil in this world, so no spotify for me, oh well.

On my phone, an upgraded Xperia Pro with Android 4.0.4 I have no audio effects. On my girlfriends new Xperia Go, running 2.3.7, audio effects is available as an option. Not sure what went wrong here...