New sorting methods for your tunes and playlists plus bug fixes make today's update a must-have

If you're a Spotify user there is an update available that you'll want to download. While the list of new features is short, as is often the case quality trumps quantity and today's update allows users to filter and sort their playlists and songs, making searching and categorizing much easier. The full list of changes:

  • New: Now you can filter and sort your playlists and tracks.
  • Fixed: When returning to your playlist view, you’ll always go back to the same position.
  • Fixed: No more crashing when faced with special character$ in usernames.
  • Fixed: When you next log in, Spotify will remember what you'd been listening to.
  • Fictitious: This app looks great in trousers.

Besides the new sorting capabilities, correctly remembering where you left off is a welcome fix, and looking good in trousers is always a bonus. If you're a current user, or want to check out Spotify to see if it satisfies your streaming music needs (there's a free 48 hour trial), hit the Google Play link above.

Thanks, David!

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SpookDroid says:

Has anyone else seen the lockscreen widget being greyed out? Or is it just mine?

Spotify is mostly all I use these days for music, still kickin' it old school with my gorgeous Zune software on Windows as well.

skatejake says:

Thank the LORD. I've been waiting for this update for a long time.

It's about damn time. Downloading right now!

scoobasteves says:

Spotify finally adds a basic feature people have wanted from the start, not sure wether to rejoice or pat myself on the back for cancelling a long time ago.

jaymars says:

This. This, so much.

JJDigitized says:

I REALLY wish Spotify would hurry up and come to Canada.

SlimJ87D says:

I love spotify but it's really strange. These features sound like they should have been standard when the app first came out.

ReggieTee says:

Still waiting for landscape support.

Pdj79 says:

Ain't that the truth!

Yod-b says:

So still no tablet support either, right?

You can get an app called orientation control and it will force Spotify into landscape mode....

va2azerik says:

After the update all my downloaded music is wiped from my N4, anyone else have the same problem?

drwohl says:

That did not happen on my N4.