Pebble spare cable

Here's a quick heads up for those who may be in the market for a spare Pebble or Pebble Steel cable: You can now buy both directly from Pebble itself. (Spare cables for the original Pebble previously were the only ones available.) One cable runs $15, or you can get two for $30.

The price covers shipping in the U.S. as well as internationally. You should get your cable in two to four days domestically, Pebble says, or in two to four weeks internationally.

You can order your spare Pebble cable here. For more on other options for spare Pebble cables, check out our newest site, Connectedly!


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Spare Pebble Steel cables now available


I was gonna get 1 for $15, but 2 for $30 seems like a much better deal. I wonder how much it costs for 3

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But i only have 3 $20 bills. i wish there were $15 bills so i can take advantage of this great opportunity. i really don't need 4 and i don't want to have more than one bill in my pocket for whatever the reason.

Why are articles like this being double posted in both Android Central and Connectedly? If you're going to post everything here as well, doesn't Connectedly become redundant?

I think it's a shame there isn't 1 app for all of mobile nations with shared news and o/s specific filtered. I'm not going to download multiple apps that are exactly the same but just with different feeds built in.

Podcast name a few weeks ago..

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