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LG-V510 could be the first Google Play edition tablet, according to open-source listing

Update: The LG G Pad 8.3 is official, and available to buy right now!

There's been some speculation online lately surrounding an upcoming LG tablet carrying the model number LG-V510. Twitter leaker @evleaks recently published info suggesting it'd be a "Google open" device, and now files in an open-source code drop from LG itself refer to it as the "G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition."

The source code and framework support files appear to be from KitKat-based software, as you'd expect from this kind of tablet. What's more, Android Police has come up with a build.prop from the purported tablet, which is consistent with what we'd expect from such a device. So there are some strong indicators that we could be on the way to the first Google Play edition tablet, which might join the existing GPe phones on Google's online store.

G Pad Nexus 7

The question of what a Google Play edition G Pad brings to the table that's not present in the Nexus 7 is a little more difficult to answer. The existing G Pad — be sure to read our full review — sports a microSD slot, a metal chassis and a larger, better-looking display, but besides that the internal hardware is very similar, and the G Pad currently sits at a price point above the Nexus tablet, selling for $350.

We'll wait on an official announcement before speculating any further, as we've seen other potential GPe devices fall through the cracks. In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know whether you'd pay $350 for an LG tablet with stock Android.

Update: Looks like LG's QPair phone-to-tablet sync app has recently been updated to support the LG-V510, which it identifies as a G Pad 8.3 — thanks for the tip, itsmekalyan.

Source: LG; via: Reddit, More: Android Police


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Source code points to possible Google Play edition LG G Pad 8.3


Real question is where is the HTC One Max google play edition???

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i doubt it. i have LG G Pad and Qpair app on my phone. the phone app got updated this morning with change logs showing as support for 510 if this new device is GE then Qpair will not be included with it

The card slot and slightly bigger size alone would be worth the extra $120 for a lot of people... Personally I find I don't really need micro SD now with USB OTG, but I would prefer the 8"+ size (without going all the way to the 10" form factor).

Not sure a slightly larger form factor by itself would ever get ME to pay more for a non-Nexus tablet though, specially not right now since my Nexus 7 is only a few months old... I've gotten used to wireless charging too, hard to give it up!

Agreed. This is a very tempting device. But, I just got my Nexus 7 a few months ago, and I'm trying really hard not to have gadget-envy.

I've never had an 8-inch tablet, though. Is it much bigger than a 7-inch tablet?

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For me it is the perfect sized tablet. It is " only an inch larger" but the screen real estate feels drastically better.

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Thanks for the chart, brother! That is really useful! Is that your website?

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The photo on the article seems to illustrate the difference pretty clearly. An extra inch across the diagonal is significant, think about a 4" phone vs a 5"... I guess there aren't too many 4" phones anymore though, think of a regular 4.6-4.8" phone vs a Note.

I had a 10" tablet for two years and while I was generally happy with it (ASUS Transformer, the original, with dock) I'd never go that large again unless I'm getting an x86 Windows 8 tablet that can handle heavy compute tasks.

I never used the dock unless I was traveling, even then it was always sort of a awkward, and 10"is just too large and cumbersome for what I use my Android tablet for: consumption (reading online, games while traveling, email etc; same usage as my phone really).

So I moved down to 7" with the Nexus 7 and I've been happy with it, I feel like just over 8" would be the sweet spot though... Based on brief handing of the few 8.x" tablets out there (Samsung, Amazon).

For $120 less though, I'll live with the Nexus 7. ;) I imagine most people would, or they'll get an iPad mini because it's easily available. Timing could've been better here.

The size of the LG is perfect, i have both tablets at the moment and i have to say the LG is getting the more use, this is my 2nd G Pad as the 1st had issues but im happy ive tried it again when it came down to $260, i honestly think the Nexus 7 may find itself up for sale soon, its just to small now

That was a really good sale price during Thanksgiving, had they announced this earlier I might've bought one with hopes of converting it to a GPE... Not that I couldn't live with LG's software, but I already have a Nexus 7, I wouldn't spend more money on another tablet that might get less updates down the line.

Yeah, I'm trying to hold off. The Nexus 7 gets its use, that's for sure. If I didn't buy it, I would've jumped on the Black Friday sale that angry English kept spreading the word about.

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I have the Nexus 7, and fell in love with it. It's actually the device that made me want to switch from WP8 to Android. I now own a Moto X, and I've found that my usage of the Nexus 7 has since fallen drastically. I think I just liked stock Android more than I liked the tablet itself. It's harder to type on than my phone, and the screen isn't SO big that it will get me to switch devices around the house. I feel like the 8" category might be the tipping point to get me back into heavy at-home usage of a consumption-focused tablet. That said, I'd rather have an 8" Nexus than a G Pad. Anything in the rumor mill about a mid-sized Nexus tab?

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I did see the picture they posted, but it still didn't "paint the picture" of the size difference. The diagram posted by Caspian#IM was great for illustrating that size difference of the Nexus 7, G Pad, amongst others.

I do agree: the 7-inch form factor is perfect for consumption. Like you, I use my Nexus 7 as another "phone."

I am waiting for a new Nexus 10, however. The last 10-inch tablet I used was the Moto Xoom. The only thing holding it back was its weight; I didn't really mind the size.

An 8-inch tablet could be what I was looking for: it's that happy medium between size and weight.

As for Windows tablets, I'm waiting for the Sony Vaio Tap to come down in price. I've found that the traditional laptop form-factor no longer works for me.

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Its worth the time to take a trip down to bestbuy to check out the G Pad, just make sure you go and look in the phone section, for some bizarre reason thats where its being shown off next to the G2 and not with the tablets, so very little exposure, i was all about the 7 inch form factor with the Nexus devices but with having a 5 inch phone and an 8 inch pad it kinda makes the 7 inch a little out in the cold

@angry English

I will go and check it out. Thanks for the tip! I would have been looking lost in the tablet section, lol.

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You and I are in the same boat, but I am getting tired of waiting for the 10" tablet so this might be a good compromise.

Hopefully this will be in a store somewhere so that I can get a feel for if it really is the "sweet spot" for me or not.

That and not losing vanilla on a tablet would be awesome.

Well the normal non GPE version is already in stores waiting if you just wanna get a feel for the size.

Yeah, here's to hoping that Best Buy or similar retailers carry it.

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You and I are in the same boat, but I am getting tired of waiting for the 10" tablet so this might be a good compromise.

Hopefully this will be in a store somewhere so that I can get a feel for if it really is the "sweet spot" for me or not.

That and not losing vanilla on a tablet would be awesome.

I'm sold on it. I've played with the G Pad a few times in store, but I'd much rather have the vanilla Android software. Plus I like the larger screen and form factor more so than that on the Nexus 7.

Probably. There was that one picture with a woman holding what looked like an 8-inch tablet. This could be it.

I doubted that Google would release a Nexus 8, only months after the release of the Nexus 7. They had to remember the "outrage," when they upped the storage capacities of the 2012 Nexus 7 only months after release.

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I just bought the LG G Pad 8.3, and am in love. The screen size/resolution and material quality are very solid. I bought it for those reason on top of how fast it performs. After fiddling around with it, I noticed that the LG version of 4.2 has a ton of great features. The point of a Play Edition of a device, is to get rid of excessive add-ons by manufactures and carriers... i.e. Samsung's galaxy series. I find the add-ons for this tablet to be just right.

What I'm trying to say, is that I would not pay the same price for a stripped down version of this tablet. The features on the G Pad are what should be expected out of a tablet... not excessive.

That last paragraph I actually agree with. One would think, if some (i.e. most) of the features are stripped out of the device, that would carry along a cheaper price-tag. But, as we know, so far, the GPE devices have carried the same price-tags as their feature-rich brethren.

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I don't see why it should cost any less, particularly in the case of a tablet. The OEM already invested all his money in R&D (regardless of whether some went to software features that are not present anymore), and he has already set a price point that should meet the project's profit expectations given the build of materials etc.

The device was never built or developed with a carrier subsidy in mind so the current price is what they always intended for it to be profitable. Further, the number of GPE units they sell probably pales in comparison to the regular version.

In their mind the extra software features are part of what sells the regular device, selling it without them to people that prefer stock Android is one thing, but reducing the already expected profit margin is another thing altogether.

They might make slightly more off the GPE units because Google handles distribution, but that could also be offset by the need to handle a separate SKU and the fact that it'll sell in far lower volume. It'd be like asking for cheaper PC without Paint and the Calculator... Might make sense from the consumer's point of view but not from a manufacturer/market standpoint.

This makes far more sense than the other sites thinking this was a Nexus 8. I see no reason for a Nexus 8 to exist, at least with the leaked specs. But for a GPE version of another solid device? Sure. And I love the idea of this expanding to tablets.

Personally I want a new nexus 10 release though that's looking less and less likely to me.
10 inch android tablets just don't seem to sell that well, I just sold my iPad 3 (because IOS 7 made it way too slow) and I'm contemplating an iPad Air purchase, I don't really like any of the 10 inch android tablets out there currently (The galaxy note 10.1 is out because I can't stand touchwiz)

The main thing that keeps me on an iPad is that I prefer the 10 inch form factor, my tablet never leaves my house and the iPad tablet apps make better use of the space on a 10 inch tablet and are more polished. I tried some of my favorite apps on my girlfriends android 10 inch tablet and I was not impressed.

I think that may be the reason 7 and 8 inch android tablets sell better, you don't notice how much tablet apps are lacking in android as much on a smaller screen.

I'm sure I'm going to get flamed to hell for posting this on Android Central lol. But I'm not trying to start a fight honestly. I want a android tablet but their are some very real things I'd miss in terms of apps on a 10 inch android tablet.

I tend to use my tablets for apps, reading news and things like that rather than as a media consumption device, so that might have something to do with it.

Can you give some specific examples of those apps? When everyone was screaming Android tablets lacked proper apps two years ago I didn't really get the argument, since 90% of my tablet use is email/browser/games (hell, 75% of my use is probably on the browser)... I'm sure there's other usage cases though (I'm definitely not trying to shoot down your point about larger Android tablets), I'm genuinely curious what those usage cases or better optimized apps are.

I've used a iPad for almost two years and I notice that I don't use the browser as much as android tablet users do, my girlfriend being a prime example.

For instance, I do a lot of shopping online on my iPad and the experience in the ebay app, amazon app and newegg app is better than using a browser, because it's designed for tablet use. It's easier and less error prone navigating through the app.

She has none of these apps installed even though she shops on ebay and amazon because the amazon and ebay apps in android aren't as good as the iPad app. I actually tried these yesterday on her tablet because I am actively debating which was to go. Amazon probably gets the closest to the iPad version of their app, but they would considering they sell android tablets, other online shopping apps aren't as great and are really just glorified browsers. I can see why the android tablet user tends to just use the browser.

Some news apps I use like zite also aren't as nice. in zite on the iPad it presents itself as a nicely fluidly horizontally scrolling magazine, the android version is just a stretched out version of the same app I use on my smartphone, which is fine for the smartphone size, but seems lacking on a 10 inch tablet.

These are the best and most recent examples that I can really point, I'm sure there's other that I haven't directly compared in the last week or so.

Interesting example, very interesting actually...Thanks. I was mostly expecting to hear about some app/service that just isn't available on Play. I'd say my usage is right in line with your girlfriend's.

Far too often I'll try a shop's app and it's a condensed less-info rich version of their site so I quickly give up and open the browser... In fact, I rarely bother trying those apps anymore (probably should try the Amazon one again, it's been forever). If I can't get to my wishlist or account settings from a shop's app, or if I have to tap thru more screens than the site to read customer reviews, then the app's a fail IMO.

I think some of this is probably due to the fact that there's so many Android device screen sizes, it'll always be a little harder to optimize an UI in general even if (ironically) it's actually easier to scale an UI on Android from a development standpoint (possibly part of what makes them lazy and not optimize for certain screen sizes in particular).

Some of it is just habit, I already know the site, and Chrome works well enough for me to quickly tear thru it... Why bother with an app for Amazon, Newegg, B&H, Gearshop, Ebay, etc etc... Specially if I might end up back at the browser when I'm cross shopping or doing more research.

That's a nuance of that specific example though, not necessarily applicable to other scenarios where the iOS app of X service really is custom made for 10" on iOS and scaled on Android.

Thanks all of you, the resulting thread from this post was much more productive than I had expected lol.

I admit I'm a rare use case, for me I don't want anything except a nexus for my phone and even though I desire an android tablet, I find myself much more likely to pick up an iPad Air.
Seems a little bipolar, I admit lol

Maybe at some point I'll pick up a nexus 7 later to satisfy my android tablet curiosity.
the 10 inch tablet is more important for my usage though at the moment.

We all have different tastes. I'll admit, for awhile, I was almost tempted to buy an iPad Mini. I'm still fascinated by the iPad Air. But, to each his/her own.

I hope the iPad Air works out great for you, brother!!

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I have the iPad mini with retina and i had the Air before it and i have to disagree with the other guy regarding apps being more polished on IOS, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Chase Bank, Appy Geek, Twitter, and Ebay are all horrible compared to the android versions, i know thats only a handful but thats all i can think of at the moment, the iPad Mini is now up for sale as it just doesnt get used, now 12 months or so ago i would have agreed, but most apps for android are now decently optimized for the tablet

Well, he does have a point. Even though the Android versions of some apps probably run better (I can't argue either point, as I don’t have a iPad), the iPad does have more tablet-optimized apps available to it.

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That's another point, I can view my amazon prime video on my iPad, android tablets don't support it unless I got a kindle fire and getting their bastardized version of android would kill the point for me of owning an android tablet.

There are other apps too that I can't get on android or don't have the same functionality.

It might be user preference, I think the ebay app on the iPad is better in my own opinion, but I admit it's a subjective thing and it's also one of the apps I use more often.
For instance you can simply flick between pictures of items on the ebay app on the iPad in a very user friendly way, doesn't do that on Android.

The facebook apps on the iPad and Android are much closer and I don't use twitter enough or any of the other apps you mention to comment on those. In the end some of it may have a lot more to due with what apps a user uses most frequently and his or her preferences.

I would be all over this like a fly round shit. Or a Nexis 8 if Google sanction it.

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I would too, but the price is probably gonna be around the $349+ range. So I'm better off with the Nexus 7. Still cheaper than the iPad Mini with Retina display thought :D

~Merry Christmas!

Essentially, the Nexus 5 is a GPE G2, since it's entirely based off of it.

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Because of the specs of the G pad this would be awesome possibly better than N7 2013

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Cool...Google Play Editions of phones and now tablets :-)

If I knew, I would have gotten a G Pad a few weeks ago instead of the N7. The size and microsd slot are worth the $100 price difference to me...

This does make a lot of sense, with the Nexus 8 rumor that was flying around, then the picture of the woman holding what looked to be an 8 inch tablet, and then out of nowhere came the news that LG could have been making the Nexus 10 even though it was supposedly Asus according to rumor.

so even though these reports wasnt 100% accurate they was in the right ballpark, an LG tablet running Vanilla android much the same as a Nexus

On a barely related topic, Google should have a "devices" button on the phone version of the play store. I might accidently buy something because I couldn't help hit the pay button. :-)

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