Sony Xperia ZL

OTA starts rolling for the latest update previously only available with a manual install

Well then, here's a nice surprise. Our unlocked Xperia ZL (that's the C6506 model) has just received a 66.1MB OTA update touting improved battery life, user experience and software performance. The update is to version 10.1.1.A.1.253, which is the build that has been available for a couple of days (according to Sony) but only via its desktop companion software. After quickly downloading, the update will install with just one more tap and indicated that it will take "about 9 minutes" to update (which seems about right). You'll still be on Android 4.1.2 and likely won't see any other cosmetic changes from what we can tell.

We obviously haven't had enough time to evaluate whether or not Sony's claims of improved battery life and software performance are true, but we'll take any improvements they have for us. If you have an unlocked Xperia ZL, be sure to head into your settings menu and check for the update.

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This is awesome! And also pretty upsetting since my ZL is at the Sony repair center -.-

TechyMexican says:

The update has been awesome :) fixes the virtual buttons, turns them black instead of gray.

t3chn0s1s says:

This 'news' is SO 1 week ago. Way to stay on top of the latest A/C.

The update has been available for a week through PC Companion. So the OTA update is actually news.

Pauley says:

Sweet! I just got mine in the mail & about to set it up.

Does this update format your phone's data or something? I am New to android so not really sure what the update is about.