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One UK retailer drops the price to £399.00 as we get closer to being able to buy one

Sony dropped the Z1 Compact on us recently at CES in Las Vegas, and while we can't actually buy it yet here in the UK at least we're already seeing the first price cut. Online retailer Clove Technology has dropped £30 off its earlier pricing for Sony's latest Android handset, bringing it down to £399 including VAT. 

Comparing the Clove pricing to rival UK retailers shows it as being £50 cheaper than the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Expansys. You'll have to wait until mid-February – Carphone Warehouse will begin shipping on January 31 – but it's a decent chunk of change to save just for waiting a couple of weeks. To pre-order, hit up the source link below, where all four colors will be eventually be available, though black only initially. Personally, I'd be all over the lime one. How about you? 

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact gets a UK pre-launch price cut


This here is the real competition for a £380 Moto X, not next month's new flagship phones from HTC + Samsung.

Very true.
I'd get this over the Moto X at those prices any day.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

Why? The only thing this has over the Moto X is the processor. Otherwise the Moto X is better in every way, especially updates. This doesn't even launch with Kit Kat and the Moto X was updated to Kit Kat months ago.

As far as updates go we will see how they do with updates over the next few months

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Really love Sony for making a Compact version of their flagship device and not cutting back on specs because of it, why hinder users who prefer smaller devices ? :)

Hope this comes to New Zealand, at less than $1100, like the Z1 was. :/
Parallel import channels appear to be tending toward about $900 which is okay I guess..