Sony Xperia z

Precisely which U.S. carrier, however, isn't being specified at this time

Speaking at the All Things D conference, CEO of Sony Kaz Hirai made a not-so-subtle statement that the manufacturer's flagship Xperia Z handset will be landing in the U.S. with carrier support very soon. While Hirai wasn't willing to go more into depth or hint at which carrier it was, we can probably narrow down the options a little bit. Traditionally, Sprint and Verizon haven't had very strong ties with Sony for handset releases, and given that the current Xperia Z models being sold internationally (and directly to the U.S.) are GSM, we'd assume this handset would be very similar. AT&T has partnered with Sony for some recent device releases, but the biggest hint we have right now are some leaked pictures of the Xperia Z with clear T-Mobile branding.

Neither Sony nor T-Mobile are giving any hint as to when the expected launch would take place, but we would hope soon considering that the Xperia Z has been available internationally for a few months now. It's good to see that Sony is still willing to put in the effort to sell devices to the U.S. market, especially after some serious price drops in its Xperia ZL handset being sold unlocked here. We all know that carrier deals are a necessity in the current market, though.

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Sony Xperia Z coming to a U.S. carrier soon, according to CEO Kaz Hirai


Man I wish Sony would make a serious phone for Verizon. No, I don't count the xperia play as a serious phone.

Well OBVIOUSLY this phone is going to be coming to VZW. VZW gets every awesome phone released. I can't even keep up with all the top tier phones flooding into their lineup. I mean, we have the... the uhhh.... the Galaxy S4! And the uhh...................uuhmmmm...... I'll get back to you.

Could that thing possibly be any more boxy? Why don't they give it razor sharp corners and trim it with razor blades?

Am I the only one who doesn't understand the trend in the complete opposite direction of ergonomics today? Clearly there's no concept of design anymore, unless you want to consider replicating the simplicity of a box to be design. I don't.

No mate you're not alone. This is one FUGLY phone in my opinion and feels awful in the hand. I don't get most designs by Sony, they used to be leaders but now everything seems stale and just like they haven't really thought about it, as for the people who crave 5" plus screens on a phone, well they just confuse me, makes me think of the term "mobile phone" ... What about a phone that is the size of a tablet is actually mobile?

I'm thanking AC staff for doing what I very humbly asked of them in telling Sony to bring more of their devices to the US.


Man this is good news seeing the good reviews I've seen on this device. Lets just hope Sony can bring their off contract prices down a bit

I don't see any reason to buy a carrier branded Z. The bootloader will be locked, that is almost for sure (branded devices are not a part of the Sony Bootloader Unlock program) and that means no CM, no AOSP and no AOKP. The only ROMs available will be based on the stock carrier ROM.

So the best choice for the Z in the US is still to get the C6602, unlocked and unbranded and then put it on a prepaid plan.

For those who want the Z on VZW: that is not going to happen. Sony wants that a Sony is a Sony - not Verizon Sony with bloatware and different alterations.