Xperia S

Early 2012 flagship gets bump up to Android 4.1.2

The Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) update for the Sony Xperia S has begun rolling out. For a few months, now we've heard rumors that Sony was preparing the update to send out and now we finally have confirmation.

The official news comes from Sony's official French Twitter account, which said that the latest version of Android has begun pushing for the first builds. No timeline yet for everyone else, but we expect it shouldn't be too long, so keep checking through the Sony PC Companion app.

Have any of you Xperia S owners received the update yet? We'd love to hear how you like it, so shout out in our Sony Xperia S Forum!

Source: Twitter via Xperiablog

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tiabonaz says:

anyone received the update?

deadlock4400 says:

@Sean Brunett

Thanks for the post.

good news for the Sony Xperia S users.....

manuvdbrule says:

Actually not really good news, as the update hasn't been out anywhere and we're still waiting.

PaulDE says:

Fail. There's no update yet. Trigger happy post.

PRo Safi says:


tiabonaz says:

the official Xperia S support page has now reverted back to the last ICS firmware (6.1.A.2.55). Sony Mobile France is adamant that the “deployment is ongoing” and that “many more builds will arrive next week“

jonoave says:

Woot, finally! Eagerly waiting to get the update notification

Confirmation before publishing would have been nice

What about xperia sl
Still there is no update for sl nd s

When will the users finally get their phones updated....????