Sony Xperia E1

The Sony Xperia E1, the 4-inch Android phone with a 100db speaker, is now on sale throughout Europe. Purchasing through Sony's online store will cost £159 in the UK, though Amazon UK and Handtec are each selling the phone for £119. Prices in the rest of Europe range from €119 in Italy, €139 in Germany and France, and go as high as €199 in Spain.

Budget smartphones are a big deal these days. Nokia is pushing the low end with their Nokia X line while Motorola has seen tremendous success with the Moto G. The Xperia E1 is Sony's attempt to squeeze in on that market, and while it doesn't match the Moto G spec-for-spec, it still seems like it would be a decent phone.

Via: Xperia Blog

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rudyy50 says:

I'd really like to try a Sony phone.

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K White1 says:

The loud speaker is interesting. And I really wish my carrier would sell Sony phones.

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shally brown says:

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