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Following its Japanese launch late last year, the Sony Walkman Z-series is due to arrive in Europe and the U.S. from next month. The NVIDIA Tegra 2-powered personal media player comes in 8, 16 and 32GB flavors, and supports HDMI, DLNA and Wifi connectivity. Besides that, you get all the benefits of Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a 4.3-inch screen, albeit without cellular connectivity or any cameras.

According to the Sony Store pre-order page, U.S. prices will range from $249.99 for the 8GB model up to $329.99 for the 32GB version. We've got the full presser from Sony after the break.

Source: Sony; More: Sony Store

The first Walkman® Mobile Entertainment Player from Sony - powered by Android™ 

  • Premium in-ear sound, with S-Master MX Digital Amplifier and 5 Clear Audio technologies
  • Get more from your music, with Sony-unique apps and access to Android Market™
  • Discover and stream millions of songs with Music Unlimited1
  • Share your passion, with the xLOUDTM speaker system and ergonomic body design
  • Expanded connectivity, with DLNA, HDMI and Bluetooth®
  • Quick response, low reflection 10.9cm (4.3") multi-touch LCD
  • Easy transfers from iTunes2 or Windows® Explorer

Designed for music lovers, by music lovers: Walkman® Z Series is the first-ever Walkman® Mobile Entertainment Player from Sony, powered by Android™.

Supreme personal audio experience

First and foremost, Walkman® Z Series is about premium sound. Originally developed for Sony’s home cinema systems, the integrated S-Master MX digital amplifier technology by Sony greatly reduces noise levels and distortion, enhancing all your favourite tunes.

You’re also in for a treat with the best-ever Walkman® in-ear experience, thanks to the full range of 5 Clear Audio Technologies –S-Master MX, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), and EX headphones.

Exploring your music collection is beautifully intuitive. Touch the distinctive W.BUTTON to launch the unique W.Control app. Flick through your music collection, browse cover art or enjoy eye-catching on-screen visualisations. Walkman® Z Series even sorts your music collection using SensMe™ - just pick from a choice of 14 mood-themed channels to suit the time of day or the way you feel.

Boundless discovery

You don’t need a PC to discover a new world of music experiences. With Wi-Fi built in, Walkman® Z Series connects you directly with millions of songs1 and dozens of channels brought to you by Music Unlimited, the cloud-based streaming service from Sony Entertainment Network.

Walkman® Z Series is also the first mobile entertainment player from Sony that’s powered by Android™. Enjoy a generous 
choice of preinstalled apps, and get more from the ever-growing range at Android Market™.

Share your musical passions

Enhanced by Z Series’ unique ergonomic body design, the xLOUDTM speaker system offers ‘phones-free’ sharing of music – no speaker dock needed.

And as it’s much more than just a music player, Walkman® Z Series helps you share all your content at home and on the move.

Hook up wirelessly and simply with other DNLA-enabled devices – then touch the screen and ‘Throw’ music, pictures and videos from Walkman direct to TVs, PCs, or home audio system.

Connect Walkman® with your TV for super-size enjoyment of videos, games and photos – with micro HDMI out for high definition fun. Or connect effortlessly to Bluetooth® speakers, headphones, hi-fi systems or car stereos – with no fiddly wires needed.

Beautiful low reflection LCD screen for maximum visual entertainment

Music, videos, games and apps come alive on the unique low-reflection 10.9cm (4.3") multi-touch LCD screen. Its high responsiveness combined with a speedy 1GHz NVIDIA® Tegra® 2 dual-core processor keep things snappy whether you’re browsing web pages, movies or apps.

Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, the new Walkman® Z1000 Mobile Entertainment Player from Sony is available from late February 2012.


Reader comments

Sony Walkman Z-series coming to U.S. and Europe in February


For that price I'll just use my previous smart phone sans sim card and get all the same features.

Two old iPhones and a Captivate laying around unused, I'm not shelling out 300 bucks for a music/video player.

This has got to be a tough market segment.

Uhhh, where's the camera? Wouldn't mind having a dedicated android music player. Know we need a poor man's itunes, so you can easily back up profiles and such...

When is everyone else going to learn that if [most] people are going to spend iDevice money, they are going to spend it on an iDevice!? This is the lesson they should've learned from the HP Touchpad and the Amazon Kindle!

The only way for them to compete with Apple is on price.

Unlike miscellaneous tablets from various manufactures with various success rates - Sony is the Grandaddy of mobile music, everyone knows Walkman. They have the brand behind the price. Not to mention, the hardware specs are better than comparable iPod touches, and Sony's new Walkmans are known for their amazing sound quality. To top it off - since it's built on Android, there may be potential for access to Android Market. For the extra $30, the device is actually priced competitively, all things considered.

Better specs with all the Android benefits (Market, etc). What's wrong with the extra $30? Oh, right.. probably nothing - just people's innate tendencies to hate on Sony for no reason.

i love Sony. i have two Sony LCDs which i paid more for over Samsung. but i can smell a fail when i see it.

lottsa luck!

Honestly, I might get one of these. I need a device to put my music on and the attempts at connecting my Fascinate to my music library with Doubletwist have been a true nightmare. The thought of just plugging something in and letting it SYNC... (blissful sigh) plus I like colorful devices:)

why didn't they make a phone like this ? with the same design & Specs ? just shove a Camera & a Radio in & call it a day

I would've got one , but thats too late now

My Atrix replaced both my OG MileStone & my iPod Tocuh

I'm in the market for a music player to use in the car, and I was leaning towards the Galaxy Players until I saw this. It will support bluetooth A2DP profiles and will also free up my phone from playing music. You can use iTunes, Android Market music store, or Sony music store, so IMO this player has more options than most others.

Access to the Android Market? I can't wait to put Google Music on this baby, so I can listen to all my music!

While it is very nice to have an alternative to the sucky software of my itouch - I will deal with it for that price tag. I do like my itouch device I just HATE the software! I would love to try an alternative and love my android phone that I got a few weeks ago - but $300 is not a try me price.