Tablet S promo materials

Sony's mystical wedge-shaped tablet codenamed "S1" will launch this September as the Sony Tablet S, if a recent cache of promotional images uncovered by Engadget are to be believed. The leaked slides cover a wide range of Tablet S features and details, so we'll launch right into a good old-fashioned bulleted list of the highlights --

  • The S1 is now the Sony Tablet S, and is due for release during the first two weeks of September. An early September release window fits with what we've already heard.
  • You're looking at a 9.4-inch wedge-shaped device with a 1280x768 screen, 1GHz Tegra 2 CPU and 1GB of RAM.
  • The display is said to use the same "TruBlack" screen tech found in Sony laptops, which aims to improve contrast and color quality compared to standard LCDs.
  • There's a 5MP rear camera and 3MP front-facing camera for video chat.
  • It'll ship with Android 3.1, and though Sony has added some of its own apps, the UI still very closely resembles stock Honeycomb.
  • Universal IR remote capability to control TVs and home entertainment systems.
  • Like most modern Android devices, DLNA support is included.
  • PlayStation Certification is confirmed, and the Tablet S will apparently ship with bundled PlayStation games.
  • Other Sony services like Reader, Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited are included.

Looks like the Tablet S will offer some interesting hardware and software features in addition to its much-hyped form factor. We're looking forward to see more of it over the next month -- hopefully at a reasonable price point.

Source: Engadget


Reader comments

Sony Tablet S outed, reportedly coming early September


IS SONY BACK? . . . I can't wait to get my hands on this... Actually has features ADDED to Honeycomb...not just nonsense widgets.... Looking forward.

Not to be one of those types to point this out, but the "latest" Android operating system is 3.2 . Wonder how much longer after this comes out that they'll have the new software ready?

For really this device will be out late next year and Android will be on 4.1 but the spec sheet won't change lol go Sony. Looks interesting I will consider it if it comes out any time soon.

I'm not sure ehere you're buying YOUR Sony laptops from, but "Down Under" in Australia, Sony offer laptops across all three pricing tiers- budget (~AU$500-999), mid-range (~AU$1000-$2500) and "premium" (~AU$3000+)... Just like any other manufacturer.

Yes Sony laptops were ridiciouslously over-priced once upon a time, but that was a long, LONG time ago... These sort of prices have been around for at least the last 2-3 years.

I have had a chance to get my hands on this and it changed my minds about tablets. I never really saw the reason for a tablet until I actually used this. I loved being able to control my TV and then switch over to my favorite Reddit application.

Yawn. Another Tegra 2 tablet... and not even 10". I wouldn't be thrilled to own a Sony, especially with a "Sony Enhanced" version of Android.

BUT they had a great idea adding an IR port. I wish the Xoom and other tablets had an IR port.

Just so you know, Sony don't really customise their stuff all that much these days (largely due to customer feedback), in fact if you're in North America, you'd know this better than I would in Australia as your Xperia 2011 devices are almost "vanilla" (plain/generic)...

But in saying that, even the few customizations Sony had added to the Australian and European versions aren't that much and completely optional (unlike the Xperia 2010 range).

i really like the IR port, it really annoys me how all the new hot-shot android phones have it.

its just so easy to use and can be used for so many things.

why cant you fit a damn ir port, and a fm-transmitter in all these new bad boys?

I wonder if these tablets will be able to control the Sony PlayStation 3 via bluetooth, as an alternative to the PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray Remote (which also operates via bluetooth)...