Sony SmartWatch

Sony has announced a software update for its SmartWatch that will bring several enhancements. One of the improvements is also one of the most requested by the community -- making the watch face always visible. Many members of the Smart Watch community requested that even in stand by mode they wanted to see the watch and Sony has listened, which is good to see.

Other enhancements include:

  • Increased usage support in the SmartWatch application
  • Endomondo Sports Tracker is now in the recommended apps list
  • Improvements to Music Player, Weather and many third-part apps

Current SmartWatch owners will receive a notification when the update has been pushed, but it is also available from Google Play.

Source: Sony Xperia Product Blog


Reader comments

Sony SmartWatch receives update, including enhanced watchface visibility


Great, I just returned mine on Monday after using it a couple weeks and not being happy with the clockface and sluggishness of the watch... Hmm the screen problem with not being visible outdoors still exists I suppose.

Quote from Jurassic Park, "Your scientists were so busy with if they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should.".

And that sums this product up.

I am also a Sony fanboy, just with practical sense.

So, where can we go to read about these new features? I updated the watch and the live view app and my watch display still turns off after a few seconds.

Update: Guess I have to change my watch display to one of the other options (small digital clock or Analog Clock). Those closck don't display the date, which kinda sucks. Oh well, at least we now know that Sony is working on improving this thing. I also noticed that I can't manually turn of the screen by pressing the watch button. This button just toggle between the watch interface and the apps interface now.

Until this can display any notification the phone does (and not just ones someone has built a specific app for) and has email support outside of Sony's Xperia clients, this thing is pretty useless for me. I do like the twitter and facebook apps that let you filter who you see updates from on the watch, that would be a cool feature for my MetaWatch, but overall the SmartWatch doesn't give me the info I need at a glance.

Why would this watch integrate with a Endomondo sports tracker?
Does it have a heart rate monitor in it?
Or does it show notifications from the app?