Sony QZ Lens Case

One of the cool accessories for the Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 lenses — those are the crazy awesome stand-alone lenses we saw at IFA a few weeks ago — is a slim-line case for the Sony Xperia Z and new Xperia Z1. It's an extremely thin case that the lens then clips onto directly.

And we've now got some pricing for the lens case — around $30 in the U.S. It fluctuates just a bit in Europe. And while you don't get a whole lot of case for that price — again, it's thin and really basic — this is the sleekest way to attach one of the QX lenses to the Xperia Z line of phones. Sony's got it up for preorder for the Xperia Z, shipping in early October.

Check it out in action after the break.

Source: Sony (US listing; UK listing; EU listing); Via Xperia Blog

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skippyrulzzz says:

said it before and i'll say it again - someone make these for other phones and i'll buy both lens and "case" in a hearbeat! it looks better and more sturdy than the clip thingy that comes with the qx10 and qx100.

jamie0 says:

it works on other brands not only sony. just no cases yet

skippyrulzzz says:

i realize the lens cameras work on any phone. but the clip worries me as far as durability/not falling off, and it looks like ass. i want a case like this one for phones other than the z1.

jibblator says:

Yeah, I'd consider buying one of these lenses/cameras a lot more if a case for my phone was available

domineus says:

Now if this would be for other devices I'd be sold!

Or if third party retailers are making the attachment

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