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Update - We've now got official statements published from both Sony U.S. and Sony UK. While the UK announcement is lacking in any serial numbers, the American announcement comes complete with those affected. Both read somewhat differently, but at least offer an official word on the matter from both sides of the Atlantic. 

Remember the Sony Xperia Tablet S? Yea, that one with the interesting wedge shape -- no, not the one with the big wedge shape -- that's the one. A main selling point for the tablet was its water resistance. Unfortunately Sony is being forced to recall tablets in several markets around the world -- starting with Japan -- because the devices aren't living up to their claims. Apparently, a manufacturing defect was leaving gaps between the display and housing of the device, which in turn lets water get where it shouldn't.

So if you've got a Tablet S (and since they've only shipped about 100,000 you'd be one of a select few), be sure to be extra careful when you're having that cup of coffee next to your tablet in the morning, and get ready to possibly send your device back to be replaced or repaired.

Source: Reuters


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Sony recalls Xperia Tablet S after water resistance concerns [updated]


I contacted Sony in Bristol this morning.
They have no information or knowledge of recalls being issued.
If the number of tablets is as few as 100,000 I would imagine Sony suppliers would have an idea where they have gone but they have nothing of this time.
I suspect this story needs fleshing out a little more and more journalism put into it before being posted. Where are the tablets, where did they go, how many are there, did they all come from the same factory, etc.

Just like when RIM did a recall for 16GB PlayBook.
They put the S/N so people could check if their device is affected.
Also give information about where to get replacement.

Unless.. all 10.000 affected.. that's another story..