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The Xperia Tablet S may be the new kid on the block, but Sony hasn't forgotten about the original Tablet S. U.S. owners of the original 'folded magazine' style Tablet S should be starting to see an Android 4.0.3 based update that brings some of the features of the newer tablet. 

First up is guest mode. For many, the ability to share a single tablet, and restrict access to certain features, apps, as well as having personalizations for each person is a much desired feature. The Xperia Tablet S comes with the feature out of the box, and is sure to be a welcome addition to the Tablet S. 

Also worth noting is the arrival of the new media applications from Sony. The Walkman, Movies and Album apps have all been updated visually and come packed with some new features. 

The small apps too gets a boost, with the addition of some extra windows that you're able to overlay. And, widgets can be registered and utilised as small apps too. Handy for popping up your GMail perhaps while playing a little Crash Bandicoot. 

The OTA update is pushing out now, so if you've yet to see a notification be sure to head into your Settings>About>System Updates to manually check. For the full rundown be sure to hit up the source link below, and head into the comments and tell us your thoughts if you've already downloaded. 

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Sony pushing out Tablet S update, brings guest mode and new media applications


Wife was updating hers this morning when I got up. Noticed all of the icons had changed, but did not get a chance to dig into it because she was out the door to work as soon as it finished. I have the guest mode set up on my XOOM running CM10.

Updated mine, last night. I must say, it was a nice surprise. I love that support that Sony has been giving to their products. Now if only they'd start making more phones for the United States!!!

sony tablet s was awesome when it was released. it still is but it has been eclipsed by its successor, the xperia s.