Sony Smartwatch 2

Already too invested in its own platform to make the switch

Sony has been making smartwatches for a while now, but anyone hoping for an Android Wear flavored Smartwatch 3 and beyond will be disappointed. In an interview with CNET, Sony's Ravi Nookala, said that won't be happening.

"We've already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction," Nookala told CNET in an interview in the unit's office here.

So there we have it. Never say never, but at least for the foreseeable we know where Sony's Smartwatch line is headed.

Source: CNET


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Sony not boarding the Android Wear train with its Smartwatch line


Maybe Sony thinks they can do better, and maybe they will.It's all fun until someone gets hurt.
If in a year Android Wear proves that it is "it", i'm sure Sony will be smart enough to jump on it. But until then, i think is better to see what they all can do better.

Which is better?

(1) Sony not getting on the Android train


(2) Samsung jumping off the Android train with it's new Gear 2 watch?


1. Android Wear wasn't a thing when the Gear 2 was announced.

2. Samsung said they will be using Android Wear.

3) Sony beat both Samsung and Android Wear to market. So it's completely reasonable to expect them not to turn their backs on the development time and money already invested.

Android Wear was a thing when the Gear 2 was announced we just weren't privy to that information. Besides the OG Gear ran Android. Samsung wants to get some use out of Tizen though and possibly test the waters for broader use in the future.

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Well I'll watch Sony and Samsung get blown out of the water then if they decide to go with their platforms. Especially if the Moto 360 is all that. Don't feel to confident about Pebble as well now.

samsung has already been announced as a partner for android wear. They have the "throw it at the wall and see what sticks' approach. Not that thats bad, but to each is/her own

Both Samsung and Sony have the money to do what they want. Pebble, not so much, they may not survive this.

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I don't think Apple is going anywhere, but if steadily losing market share (global) is just fine, you're right.

Well, Android has 78.1% of the global smartphone market, and Apple has 17.6% of the global smartphone market.

short term thinking. pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. win the battle but lose the war.

Since consumers won't consider smartwatches to be a necessity like a smartphone, after the market is flooded with every company's take on the smartwatch it's going to be hard to get a wide margin and make good money on the hardware, just the same as how it's hard to make a lot of profit on low to mid range tablets today because of the competition. Using Android Wear cuts development costs to a minimum and helps the profit margin, Sony sticking to their guns is kind of like being the Palm or Blackberry of smartwatches, you might have been first but you will be first to fail with development costs that can't be watered down enough by your low sales due to limited global reach with your smartphones, and lack of apps and integration due to your closed platform that doesn't do anything better.

That's not true. The Linux OS distros have been around for years and they failed miserably. Don't count Android or Chrome OS, because these platforms do not look, feel, and operate like the Linux distros.

.Linux distros have never "failed miserably".... in fact, they (as a group) have not failed anything at all... unless your definition of "success" is VERY narrow.

Did they even see what Android Ware is?
What they already invested in a "hack job" is absolutely irrelevant.

Good luck, Sony. LOL

Annnnnd then Sony slowly started losing whatever market share of smart watch sales they had and wondered why.

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Not at all surprised since technically Sony's one of the companies that bought all those Nortel Patents and is suing Android Manufacturers and Google. I'll never buy Sony again.

I don't understand why a number of people are already shunning the Sony smartwatch. Sure, it might not be as successful as an Android Wear smartwatch, but that will be because of "trend" momentum and marketing and not because it is doomed to "suck." Let's not forget, the Moto 360 and LG G Watch are basically, the same watch, but different "label." If you buy a Moto 360, then you have to know that there will be countless other who will be wearing the same exact thing. Add the LG G Watch, and know that countless more will have the same exact features on their wrist as you. Unless their is significant UI experiences between the Android Wear watch, the Sony smartwatch will be the only timepiece that would totally differentiate you from the rest of the smartwatch wearing public.

It's all about features and usability. Sorry, but Sony watch is nothing even close to what Android Ware is promising to deliver in few months.
- OS and UI thoughtfully designed for wearables (As oppose to Android hack)
- Google Now
- Touchless control

Would you rather "standout" with a half backed Sony product or buy one of many Android Ware choices (even Fosil is on board)

Ahhh yes...the old "my watch really sucks but at least it's different than yours" argument

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I was thinking the same thing. I don't care who else has the same watch as me. I only care that it serves my needs. People get so obsessed with being different.

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I have a Sony Smartwatch 2 and I love it. That being said this is a huge mistake if I'm like any of their other loyal customers. I'll likely be moving over to the 360 being that Sony apparently won't be taking advantage of the great push AndroidWear will be bringing.

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I understand Sony not wanting to backtrack after investing lots of R&D into the market, but the market is new and emerging. Pebble got into the smartwatch game after sony and they are making more money (on the smartwatch end) than Sony, Im certain ( Google announcing Android wear is almost certainly going to set the wearable market aflame with a increase in sales at maybe 1000% year over end for smartwatches. We saw what happened with phones & tablets The second google got behind tablets and made a OS that better suited the platform, the marketshare for Android and its OEMS skyrocketed. There is a lot more money to be made there, IMO, than the amount they will be making by sticking with their own OS product line. If it were up to me I would continue my smartwatch but also make one as a partner with Google. Even if Sony doesnt do this, Im sure in a year or two they will have switched to using Android wear as their OS for smartwatches

I like to see competition and some choice is great so I'll be glad if there is more than Android Wear. We haven't even seen yet if Google has nailed the battery life with Android Wear.

Google won't be making any watches so i seriously doubt they'll nail the battery life
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Well, there goes my business Sony. You made my smart watch buying a little bit easier. I want a unified OS for Smart watches, not a fragmented mess.

I had a Sony Smartwatch 2. I thought it was junk, the build quality was awful and the software was even worse. Sold it for £50 when it was a week old! Thought I'd get some money back before the word got out. Sony are making a mistake.

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Im amazed at how many people are ready to bury Sony because of a product that hasnt even hit the market yet. The best we have right now is an SDK and 2 preview commercials on the internet. No price points, no specs, nothing to say these devices wont be over priced crap. To further this, people dont know what the smartwatch 3 is going to be capable of. Maybe it hits every point google wear does while fixing shortfalls that people now are not even aware of yet. This is actually kind of funny. A lot of judgement because Sony didnt fall in line like a bunch of (i)sheep

That's okay. I'll get an Xperia Z2 (hopefully Google Play Edition) and a Moto 360. Sony is doing nice things with their phone at least.

"we know where Sony's Smartwatch line is headed."

Yep, to oblivion.

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Perhaps Sony will continue the SmartWatch line as is, and create a new line of Android Wear devices? They're already supposedly working on a fitness tracker of some sort, so there is a possibility.