Xperia S

If you're an OEM like Sony Mobile, looking to expand your reach, what can you do for Android custom ROM developers to appeal to them? Show them your source and offer them up the same tools you use, of course.

And that's exactly what Sony has done. In an announcement on its blog, the artist formerly known as Sony Ericsson has offered up access to the open source archive for the Xperia S, where folks who know what they are doing can build custom ROMs and kernels for the device.

Over the past year or so, Sony has openly courted the Android the developer community. Whether that stance will help them improve their market share is open to debate, but it's certainly something we'd love to see from more Android manufacturers.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog


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Sony Mobile offers up Xperia S open source archive, provides support for custom ROM devs


I'm certainly no developer, but have a passing familiarity with screwing around with the command line and building stuff from source (mostly when spoonfed instructions how to do so). With this stuff, how easy have they made it to snag the base aosp code from google and add their specific drivers and whatnot, and build myself a stock ics for the xperia s? Is it somewhat close to that or am I way off base still?

Well with Sony trying to appeal to everyone and this is a pretty big way to be open with the market, I am hoping they work with Ubuntu for Android for their phones coming out this year, especially the ion seeing how it appears to be their flagship device.