Sony lens manual

Attachments to carry their own shutter button, storage and tripod mount

The leaks of an upcoming Sony "lens" camera are coming along, and today we have a look at a leaked manual for the expected accessory. The manuals show off more information on both lenses (QX100 and QX10), showing off their manual controls and features. Each lens will have its own power button, microphone, small display for status information, a status LED, tripod mount, zoom lever and its own shutter button. The larger QX100 will also have a physical ring control.

Just as was revealed before, SonyAlphaRumors expects the QX100 to have the same sensor as Sony's latest RX100 MII, an the QX10 will have a smaller 1/2.3-inch sensor found in the Sony WX150. We're also expecting to see these crazy camera attachments announced in early September, so we don't have long to wait before we can see them in all their glory.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors


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Sony lens camera manual leaks, shows off specs


So, the lens itself has its own power source, or it just could drive considerable amount of power away from the Android device that it was thought best to turn it off and on when not in use?

And then you'd leave a comment about how your phone was too huge.
There will always be somebody somewhere complaining about something.
If you don't like it, ignore it.

Well, the WX150 is $400 and the RX100 mk II is $600. You're skipping the display, but cramming some electronics and battery into a smaller space.

I'll go ahead and guess $250 for the QX10 and $500 for the QX100.

Sorry, correcting myself: The RX100 is $600. The mark II (which this is theoretically based on) is $750. So the QX100 will probably be well north of $500. :-(

I don't quite understand it. It's just a camera that looks like a lens?? What exactly is the point of that, just to look different? I really don't see how it's an accessory.

You attach this to your phone and use the phone screen as your viewfinder and options/menu screen.

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The rumor was it would work with Android and iOS devices. Given Sony's poor handset distribution in the U.S., that would make sense. Limiting it to only Sony devices would help sell a few more phones, but seriously harm overall sales.

Interesting idea if the price point is less than a standalone digital camera with equivalent specs. By having the phone do the heavy lifting it will be easier to update software for the camera and less cost to produce it since they don't need to incorporate an LCD screen on the camera itself.

Sadly most cell phones will suck as viewfinders because you can't see them in bright sunlight worth a damn. With my Canon digital camera I made sure I got one with an optical viewfinder along with an LCD.

Put an optical viewfinder on these and a major sticking point would be resolved.

It looks like the phone won't do any heavy lifting. The storage and image processing are entirely in the lenscamerathingy. The phone merely exists as a viewfinder and menu.

That's good for shooting speed, of course. And I can't imagine being able to shoot HD video if it had to stream over wi-fi to the phone.

I think this is going to live or die based on the delay between the camera and the phone display. It might be the world's first useful NFC feature.

Of course, you'll need a way to get photos out of the lens's SD card and into the phone. That's where I fear Sony will blow it.

They do a pretty good job with WiFi transfer of photos to my phone from the NEX-5R - JPEGs only though, which is fine as no Android phone can process RAW's anyway. The App is already available - Sony PlayMemories Mobile:

I can do dozens of photos in under a minute using my N4's WiFi hotspot.

The real problem might be that the specs only list Sony Memory Stick Micro as compatible. I hope that's a translation error...

Was v enthusiastic about this, until I realised there is no flash on either lens. Essential in some indoor situations and personally, vital for fill flash on a sunny day. Or is it hidden and pops up? Cannot use phone LED flash for such a good lens! That be a waste.