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Recent Q3 numbers for smartphone sales in the UK sees a change in the standings. Off the back of a major marketing campaign for its "Bond Phone," Sony has jumped ahead of HTC into second place. At this point second place is almost a win for either company, as both are still a long way behind the kind of numbers Samsung is posting in the UK. 

Sony sold 500,000 units in Q3, to 440,000 sold by HTC. There's not a lot in it, but it's sure to be welcome news for Sony. By contrast, Samsung's numbers sit at 3.2 million units for the same period. While not referring to specific numbers, the UK MD of Sony Mobile, Pierre Perron said to Mobile Magazine: 

All sources are confirming the same trend – that we are jumping into second place in the UK Android segment. This is what all our customers are telling us, that Sony Mobile is considered a top player in the UK Android space.

Sony's recent efforts deserve recognition. The hardware is well designed and well made, although the software does still let them down slightly. Nevertheless, with 2013's big show season right around the corner, we'll be interested to see what the future holds for Sony. 

Source: Mobile Magazine


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Sony jumps above HTC in UK sales, both still a long way behind Samsung


+1 and that's why I don't like to buy from any company that block consumers from everything.

Do you know, they want to make selling used CD/DVD/B-Ray and games illegal in Canada?

Hum... my grandpa sold his records and the new generation is not allowed to sell used items? May be we should also block buying and selling of used homes and cars in Canada too!

How young are you? They've been wanting to ban the resale of goods for a long time, nothing new. The point is, they haven't been able to in the past, and won't in the future.

Every generation we have technology that changes the way we listen to, or distribute content.

Companies largely complained when people could record songs from the radio on tapes, could burn CD's, could download music, and now it's streaming etc.

Its a shame, don't get me wrong I like Sony products and the company but HTC make much better phones at the moment.

I think HTC's main problem is simply one of advertising, which there is so little of.

Agreed. They need better advertising and marketing. How is the phone marketed? Look at the Galaxy SIII, undoubtedly, there are tons of things the HTC One X does better than the GSIII, but who knows about it?

Look how much Samsung spent on their ads and marketing during the Olympics. An event billions around the world saw. They showed a variety of features and functions from it's camera, to it's business capabilities, everyday use etc.

They touted it as a superphone everyone in the world could use. The HTC One X feels like they made a phone for android fanboys. No one cares it's a Super LCD2 vs an HD AMOLED or that the One X is made from sturdier polycarbonate.

HTC needs to make commercials highlighting it's superior BEATS Audio output, maybe show off it's Sense and music capabilities. Could easily appeal to the young urban demographic.

So many missed oppportunities. The HTC ONE X+ is already out. And no one even knows about. But Samsung has ads with Lebron James regarding the Note 2.

I don't think I've seen anyone with a Sony phone, yet I know lots of people with HTCs and see a lot of them on the bus/train.

Personally, after how HTC treat their customers, I'm glad someone else is taking their spot.

Wow this is surprising news. I hope HTC can turn things around. Guess there's a lot of love for the Bond phone over there.