Google TV

I've got high hopes for Google TV. From the Wifi-plagued demo at Google IO to a more intimate demo at the Adobe Android Summit, this things got legs. But only if manufacturers don't totally overwhelm an already skeptical consumer base, like with the Sony remote seen above. Sony's baking Google TV into some of its new sets, which we should see next week. But this remote, outed during a GTV preview on ABC's "Nightline," scares the hell out of me, and I'm used to using a button or three in my daily existence. Now imagine how it's going to make your mother feel. Yeah. It'll never come out of the box.

We've got a little more hope for Logitech's set-top box. But we're going to hope and pray for a little more ease of use before launch. Check out the "Nightline" piece after the break if you want. [ABC via Engadget]

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Jonneh says:

Yeah, looks pretty horrifying. Is it a prototype?
I mean, I wouldn't have a problem with it in terms of willingness to try it...but you're right, people's mothers will lol.

slinky317 says:

It makes sense though that the remotes have keyboards on them, especially if they're going to be browsing the web.

That being said, that remote is damn ugly. Maybe it would make sense to just give out stripped-down Android touchscreen remotes? All it could do is just run the remote app and switch to the keyboard for searching.

vtgrad03 says:

I don't mind it but I think it would be better if the keyboard just slid out of a normal looking, vertical remote... just like a normal android phone that has a slide out keyboard!

Or here's an idea....

Let us use our phone as the remote!!

I can't believe they haven't thought of that... a normal looking remote with a slide out keyboard... seems like that would be too obvious

HAAS599 says:

The new TiVo remote is like that. I think its the best remote available.

kadield says:

Just looking at that remote makes me want to punch kittens.

And I agree with vtgrad03. They should have just made a normal remote with a slide out keyboard or a touch screen remote. Not...this abomination of technology.

jnabbott#AC says:

This thing looks like the remote of tomorrow from 1960. I would be willing to give it a try though.

On a different note, spam is getting particularly bad lately.

jjperez1920 says:

Sony is the master at making a remote to confuse you dose anybody remember their universal remote they released with the wega tvs. It costed $150 and was larger than any handled device ever made. Logictec will probably make a better one. I hope

EvanGMan says:

TiVo already has a slide-out keyboard that's hidden in a normal looking remote. From the reviews I've read it's pretty handy too.

likwidsoul says:

Something tells me that remote was desinged by the same guy that decided it was a good idea to put the keyboard on the top of the ps3 controller.

snype09 says:

I totally understand this design, after all, look how successful the Atari Jaguar was.


Small_law says:

No one I know would put in the time and effort to learn how to use that thing. That's exactly why I want one.

bucgator says:

It's a remote, not a look at me, I have a cool device. As long as it works, then all is good.

icebike says:


You nailed it Phil.

Quibling over the shape of the door knobs while booking your passage on the Titanic?

ads says:

You're dead on. If this is primarily to be a remote for a TV, it needs to be easily operable with ONE HAND and minimalist. After an initial setup that should offer a simple (like your new TV/remote) setup for each basic function, and an optional, advanced setup that lets you customize the screen picks, favorites, etc, all the deeper selections should be on-screen, allowing the remote to remain simple.
One has to wonder what kind of ergonomics are going into the design and early testing of a monstrosity like this Sony unit.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

nkwebb140 says:

Hopefully the fact that the glimpse of the remote is so short is a hint that its still being worked on. Its ugly and intimidating.

In one of the videos I saw, maybe on - they had a nice sleek black remote with a small keyboard - that looked nice!

I can't wait to try this out though.

kubernetes says:

Ugh. How about this: Two big analog pad/selectors on each side, shoulder buttons, big ass touchscreen in the center. Now you have a remote and a game controller.

p4trickh#IM says:

Seriously guys if this is the future of Google TV then my hopes for it are spinning at the bottom of a toilet bowel, almost ready to be flushed. This is going to scare consumers away to devices like the Apple TV that have like 4 buttons max. This thing looks like you could use it to control and underwater sub WITH detachable sharks WITH lasers.