The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 (that's what it's called now) has been officially unveiled and the details are now clear for this most anticipated device. Everything we saw leaked and loved is there--Android, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 4-inch touchscreen, 8.1 megapixel camera, and of course, the 'Rachael' UI. Everything about the hardware is still the same--beautiful lines, slight curves, and an overall stunning design. So what's the news?

Sony Ericsson is planning a whole line of these 'Rachael'-powered devices with the XPERIA X10 being the flagship device. The 'Rachael' UI might even pop up on other operating systems like Symbian and maybe even WinMob. All of these 'Rachael'-powered devices will likely show up in the first half of 2010 (so DROID, you have nothing to worry about...yet)

Sony Ericsson added their own touch to Android 1.6 and we're really impressed with some of their concepts. They're introducing Timescape, a MOTOBLUR-esque social networking integration that streamlines all of your social networks. Mediascape, which is the beautiful music application we saw yesterday. And face recognition, which will allow for automated photo tagging by recognizing your friends after they've been tagged by you and will even allow you to call friends when you tap on their face when viewing a picture (not entirely useful but amazingly cool nonetheless). Can we agree that this sounds amazing?

The only problem is that in its current stage, 'Rachael' seems to be more proof-of-concept than actually being ready for the primetime. Engadget had the opportunity to play with a pre-production X10 with a very early build of the 'Rachael' UI and simply couldn't get a real feel for the software (it's that far from being finished). But regardless, Sony Ericsson is taking a gigantic step in the right direction and could very well re-define how smart our smartphones can get.

Though we admit we wanted to hear an official release date, price, and carrier for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 today, we're still satisfied with what Sony Ericsson has done. If they deliver on their promises, we're certain that it'll be 'extraordinary and magical'.

What do you guys think?

Hit the jump to see more pictures and the promo video of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10!


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jdschrock says:

I think I'll have a hard time not going to which ever carrier picks up this phone.

pee tee says:

They should have included if the new phone will be HD-ready or not :D

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Best or Worst Android Phone?

Anonymous says:

According to the stats on the processor it can easily encode and decode full 1080p

Anonymous says:

Does the camera have a flash? 8.1 MP in the dark isn't very useful...

Anonymous says:

yes it has a flash. you can find videos online of it in use, and also see the the flash on the back of the phone.

jerry says:

one thing for sure is that tmobile will not be getting it....they always pass on the good phones

Rob says:

Don't be so sure of that, the specs on this thing on Sony's website show that it has T-Mobile 3G (1700), as far as I know there is no other network in the world using that band, meaning it surely must be going to TMO US...

cursiv says:

and att bands

tallbruva says:

LOVE IT!!! (commercial and phone)

When the first Droid was released on Verizon, typical iPhone fanboyz on the news (which I watch on my G1 via 1Cast ;-) were quick to say, "It's got the touch screen but look at it, feel it; it's no iPhone killer." Interestingly enough, nobody except iPhone junkies ever made the comparison.

Now if I was a bettin' man, I'd say 10 to 1 that they're going to stand far away from this one. The iPhone looks like Palms first device compared to this. In fact, just showed the media player video to an iPhone co-worker and got the usual response: "iPhone is still better". But he had to admit, "that's hot".

Verizon says:

Verizon users have nothing to worry about though - they can only drool.

When was the last time Sony Ericsson made a CDMA phone?

Anonymous says:

Android 1.6? In the first half of 2010? Just a "proof-of-concept" right now?

What a waste. They're going to spend their time perfecting Rachael in Android 1.6, and then take months to adapt it to 2.0, and U.S. carriers will take their time providing the update.

So the Experia X10 with Android 2.0 in June or July at the earliest? The word I'm thinking of starts with an "f" and ends with an "ail."

ucfgrad93 says:

Agreed. Can't understand why it is coming with 1.6 instead of 2.0, especially considering it isn't coming out until next year.

Yes it comes with an LED Flash to answer your question, and the thing i'd worry about most is battery life. Those are real cool apps (if they work), but there are a couple of apps on the G1 which suck the life out of it. And that only runs 500+mhz... soo i'll be very happy if they get all that worked out by january, and a quick update to 2.0. It seemed from the 1.5 update that it took 'round 6 months to do..... so we will see. i'm still wondering when the 2.0 update will come out for the G1.

Fingers Crossed :D

Anonymous says:

If only this ran Sense UI, it would be the perfect phone.

Good hardware, bad software. This looks nothing like an android phone? I personally don't like the UI. I didn't like MOTOBLUR either. Sense UI is the only one that actually improved android rather than try to change it.

Anonymous says:

The Sense UI will only be run on HTC devices because it is an HTC build over Android 1.5. This is Sony's own build on top of Android 1.5 and I personally think it looks wonderful. I like that companies are building on Android and giving us choices. The important part is the Android underneath. I agree Sense is beautiful though.

Anonymous says:

SE should just port Android 2.0 into the body of the X1 or X2, add a capacitive screen and throw the 1GH snapdragon plus lots of RAM to it - should speed development up and make the perfect Android phone. I hope that's what they do as X3

pee tee says:

First time to see Sony-ericcson all "balls-deep" on a new smartphone in particular an android phone. We agree, that Xperia has a bitter history on older models. Hopefully, this X10 release will turned out
to be a happy-ending.

detailed preview: Official Preview and Video from XPERIA X10 developers

Kudus, to the "classy" promotional vid

mightymatt says:

That thing is huge...I wonder how much application memory it has! I'd like this is it was a tablet/media device, but too big to carry around as my phone...

no physical qwerty keyboard?.....worst mistake ever....

0837S says:

Definatley my next phone. The first full touch screen Android phone with decent specs on it. Its too bad that every company thinks that they need to have a physical QWERTY keyboard on it, when there are a lot of people that want a full touch device.

I really hope that AT&T gets this phone, since T-MO has no service where I live.

In the mean time, I will enjoy the Droid that I got from Verizon, and when the Xperia X10 comes out, I'll be there on day 1 to get it.

dman says:

I'm right there with ya. Been waiting for a serious android device for a long time, and this fits the bill perfectly. I do love the physical BB keyboard on my bold, but for the perfect touchscreen phone I am willing to leave it behind. Tried the iPhone and its just to limited by nature, and I don't care for Apples restrictions nor its stagnate evolution since its initial release.

brie says:

Qwerty please. I really like this phone.

of course everyone wants a full touch device!!!!, but that does not change the fact that most people prefer to text using physical qwerty keyboard. The full touch works better for everthing else. its still a really nice phone

abe says:


ElCompay says:

if it comes to T mobile ill switch my g1 for this one FOR SURE!!!
so far the only thing i see that the g1 has better over this one is the physical qwerty keyboard. but my favourite brand is sony ericsson for life, so i would definitely switch to this android from SE

rafaelis says:

Wow! SE slapped an android OS into xperia x10...looks promising. Can't wait for the Xperia
X10 release date

Anonymous says:

is there an option where the on-screen qwerty keyboard can be changed to a numeric keypad for texting like with the satio?

cyberdyne says:

gadget of the year.......................

i phone?????

no way he's dead i phone is gone..............

next super star is xperia x10.

antonio. says:

I cant wait till i hold one of them in my hands :)
I doubt it will be the phone of 2010 but it has good chances :)

Sid says:

I have tested the x10 already and its awesome, definitely getting one when they come out but the white version is far superior and only available on the orange network. Timescape is awesome and you can pick and choose what types of notifications you want to get. It has really awesome streaming too on youtube etc. Some may say its a little chunky but it looks like a nice solid phone. It didnt have too big of a keypad when writing text messages but they told us that would be in the final version.

Traci says:

Sid, you seem to have a bit of info on this phone so do you happen to know how long this "exclusive deal" Orange has for the X10 is going to last? I really really want a white one but the coverage is so poor in my area from Orange (the only network that has good coverage where i live is o2, the iphone lovers grr) that it would be pointless going onto contract for 2 years when I can barely use it.

Sid says:

is there an option where the on-screen qwerty keyboard can be changed to a numeric keypad for texting like with the satio?

I think so :)