Sony Ericsson teaser

Sony Ericsson just dropped this little teaser pic onto its Facebook page, and astute readers are noting that, among other things, the camera button appears to be pointing us in the direction of a successor to the Xperia Arc. (Read our full review) Of course, anything that comes out after the Xperia Arc is an Xperia Arc successor, and SE's had not qualms about borrowing features from phone to phone.

But we digress. We should find out soon enough next week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Join us, won't ya?

Source: Sony Ericsson Facebook


Reader comments

Sony Ericsson drops another CES teaser, looking like an Xperia Arc follow-up


Man, that picture on the top right looks an awful lot like a mag charging connector port that Apple uses for their macbooks. How nice would that be to be able to charge/sync by using a break away cable. And I think if they could figure out the transmission of data, it could escape any legal attack by Apple (since theirs is for charging only on non-phone, non-ipod devices).

At least three of the four images are directly related to the device's camera. Sony has a respectible camera line and it's been building up its DSLR arm of that line. I suspect Sony is going to release a phone with a camera quality that rivals or bests that of the highly talked-about iPhone 4S.