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Sony continues its tradition of launching desirable new products in Japan first, with today's announcement of two sleek new smartphones in its home territory -- the Xperia GX and Xperia SX. Both phones run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and jettison the traditional capacitive keys found on older handsets in favor of more up-to-date (and Android style guide compliant) virtual keys. The SX boasts that it's the world's lightest LTE smartphone, while the GX looks to be a spiritual successor to last year's Xperia Arc.

The Xperia GX bears a striking physical resemblance to the rumored Sony LT29i Hayabusa, and the specs are a pretty close match, too. It's got a 4.6-inch 720p Sony Reality display, a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU -- an unnamed chip, but rumored to be a Snapdragon S4, a 13MP EXMOR R rear camera and 16GB internal storage. A tantalizing bag of tricks to be sure, and one that easily matches the high-end offerings from other manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Sony's also launching what it says is the world's lightest LTE smartphone, the Xperia SX, which weighs just 95 grams. This is a 3.7-incher with a slightly chunkier design, but similar specs to its big brother. It's got a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 8GB internal flash and an 8MP EXMOR R rear camera, plus Japan-specific features like IR data exchange and mobile TV. Both SX and GX come in black and white, and are to launch in Japan this summer.

We have to say, the Xperia GX in particular looks like a gorgeous piece of kit, with some tasty internal hardware. Our fingers are firmly crossed for an international launch for this device in the months ahead. Come on, Sony, let's bring this thing to Europe (and maybe America, too). People want to give you their money.

We've got the full press release, and more photos, after the break.

Source: Sony; via: XperiaBlog

Xperia GXXperia GXXperia SXXperia SX

Sony Mobile Communications unveils Xperia GX and Xperia SX – the first Sony LTE smartphones for the Japanese market
09 May 2012 - Powerful performance and ultra-fast network speed combined with easy connectivity and premium entertainment experiences
Xperia GX features a 4.6” HD screen and 13MP camera for ultra real viewing experiences
Xperia SX is the world’s lightest LTE smartphone weighing only 95 grams
9 May, London, United Kingdom - Sony Mobile Communications today announced two new Xperia™ Android smartphones designed specifically for the Japanese market. Xperia GX and Xperia SX join the popular Xperia NX and Xperia acro HD, currently among the best selling smartphones in Japan. Both Xperia GX and Xperia SX enable easy connectivity with multiple screens to share and enjoy content on whichever screen best suits the situation, whether it’s TV, smartphone, laptop or tablet.
Xperia LTE smartphones for Japan
The first Sony branded smartphones to launch in Japan Xperia GX and Xperia SX are LTE enabled with download speeds of up to 75mbps. They come with 1.5GHz dual core processors for faster performance and Reality Display powered by the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine for razor sharp clarity, full HD video and Sony Exmor R™ for mobile, enabling the capture of high quality, bright pictures and HD videos even in low light. With HD sharing through DLNA, and HDMI, controlling the smartphone with the TV remote control when connected to the TV, Xperia GX also deliver a full HD experience on the big screen. 
New media applications
Bringing the best of Sony technology and premium entertainment experiences, Xperia GX and Xperia SX also introduce three new media applications:
The “WALKMAN” application integrates signature high quality audio technologies such as clear stereo, clear bass, VPT surround sound, manual equalizer and xLOUD™ with new innovative ways to play, discover and recommend music.
The “Album” application brings new intuitive ways to sort and browse high quality photos and videos in blazing speed, as well as providing instant viewing, commenting and sharing of photos on Facebook and other online albums, leveraging the great camera capabilities of Xperia GX and Xperia SX.
The “Movies” application streamlines the playback and viewing of movies in high quality audio and video with intelligent database search to discover more info about the movie for a rich and immersive experience.
Xperia GX – capture ultra real memories in high definition 
Xperia GX boasts a 4.6” HD resolution screen for superior viewing. With a 13MP camera and full HD video recording, Xperia GX enables consumers to capture unforgettable moments in the highest quality, wherever they are. Building on the design success of Xperia arc, Xperia GX incorporates a matte texture and slimline body which fits perfectly into the consumer’s palm or pocket.
Key features for Xperia GX
- 4.6” Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine for razor-sharp clarity.
- 1.5GHz dual-core processor for faster performance.
- 16GB internal flash storage.
- 13MP camera with Sony Exmor R for mobile, HD video recording, and Sony technology to take 3D panoramic images.
- Launching on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.
- Available in white and black.
- Xperia SX – the world’s lightest LTE smartphone 
- Xperia SX combines a sleek and simplistic design with high functionality. Xperia SX is the world’s lightest* LTE smartphone weighing only 95 grams. It has an iconic design with a slim body makes it easy to fit into the consumer’s hand or pocket.  
Key features for Xperia SX
World’s lightest LTE smartphone, weighing only 95g.
- 3.7” Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine.
- 1.5GHz dual-core processor for faster performance.
- 8GB internal flash storage.
- 8MP camera with Sony Exmor R for mobile, HD video recording, and Sony technology to take 3D panoramic images.
- Japanese specific features such as infrared port data exchange, mobile wallet and mobile TV.
- Launching on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.
- Available in black and white.
- Xperia GX and Xperia SX will be available in the Japanese market from summer 2012. 
*As of May 7th, 2012, Sony Mobile Communications research.
Sony “make.believe”, Bravia and Exmor R are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. Xperia is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB.  Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.  All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Reader comments

Sony announces the Xperia GX and SX - new, buttonless ICS phones for Japan


I'm loving all these new, amazing looking white phones. Well... the front of these Sony phones don't exactly wow me but still.

One X is still King In the North.

The GX finally looks like a qualified successor to the ARC. Too bad Sony didn't add the light bar from the S to it. That new S4 Processor seems everywhere. The big question is when,or if , this makes it to the NA market.

FINALLY!,i was wondering when someone was gonna step it up and offer Software buttons like the Gnex..this is awesome news fasho.. hope they come to the states on Verizon. :)-

Sony not gonna have any phone on verizon, at least not in near future. they have spoiled the relation with Verizon BIG TIME.

really?.. i also would like to know how?.. even though CDMA sucks ,i would still think that the more carriers the better?..

Sony looks to be the new king of the Android hill with these.

Removable battery, microSD support AND a powerful new sensor?

The GX might set the new bar for 2012.

I'd like to see them take a crack at a Nexus device.

Not really, in the past SE's marketing in NA was abysmal. We'll see if Sony can do any better reaching out , especially to the US market.

I was referring to hardware.

From the spec list, the GX could shape up to be arguably the best all around phone hardware platform of 2012.

Looks sexy. Still struggling whom to give my money to next time (maybe two years later) XD
Still a fan of virtual buttons. Looks really clean when you turn the screen off.

Ah I was wondering how long it would take for my post to appear in the forums after moderation lol, and it appeared as soon as this did :)

I'm loving the look of these phones and hope the Xperia GX comes to the UK as it will be my next phone for sure if it does :D

The GX looks absolutely gorgeous but yet again, I can't help but feel that Sony never seem to do themselves any favours. Taking an eternity to bring out a phone that finally matches the rest of the markets high end hardware specs, and when they do, they only announce it in Japan? Seriously, who advises them on what to do these days? People, including myself all over the world want this phone tomorrow if they could get it and yet there they are only announcing it for Japan. Call me impatient but with the SIII coming at the end of this month, you might want to at least announce a European/US date if you are planning on competing..

Nice, solid looking device. This would be something I would consider buying off-contract, if it comes stateside. Hopefully Sony has learned their lesson from the past and will get in front of this, instead of hustling backwards...

for Sony's own good, they should release these as unlocked devices in North America... carriers be damned...

This highlights how the manufacturers view the different markets. Japan has always been a marketplace where all and any bold ideas are championed and although the nexus was the first to remove static buttons few manufacturers have and will do the same for the rest of the world.

Its such a shame and I fear it may never change.

Xperia Arc is simply the most stylish awesome device i have ever used

its the only device that i will gladly give up speed for.

when you hold it in your hand, its like magic

Yes, please. I would kill for the GX to be released in the US. Talking about kicking the GS3 in the teeth aesthetically.

This actually looks rather nice! I'm glad at least some OEMs are using the on-screen buttons.