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First smartphone with PlayStation app preinstalled

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Sony also announced a special treat for T-Mobile customers here in the US this evening, the Xperia Z1s. Toting the "best" camera in any waterproof phone, this Z1 variant will offer special background defocusing for the camera, 32GB of internal storage, and a great entertainment offer consisting of six movie downloads from Sony, a 60-day trial of Sony music unlimited, and a handful of select PlayStation titles for playing on the phone.

In addition, folks who purchase a Z1s and a PlayStation 4 will receive a $100 gift card.

No price was given, but you can register for more information today, buy the Z1s online starting Monday, or grab it from a T-Mobile store starting January 22.

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vsnlweb says:

Who makes Xperia? Who makes PlayStation? Sony! Wasn't a stretch by any means...

radgatt says:

I hate exclusives.

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NoNexus says:

Me too, but at least it is an OEM that doesnt have much traction in the US. Not like they did with the Moto X maker and crap like that.

drokssilva says:

Yup. This exclusive makes more sense.

Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).

I am glad this EXCLUSIVE finally goes to Tmobile for a change instead of always AT&T.

Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

squiddy20 says:

Says the guy who claims he won't touch devices not made by Samsung "with a 10 foot pole". What a hypocrite.

Spence1115 says:

In fairness, the only real difference here is the larger built in memory, 32GB instead of 16GB. They both support Micro SD anyway, and whilst its a pain not being able to put your apps on a memory card its not really a difference that would seriously annoy me thankfully.

Hargoth says:

I will be using my JUMP to go from the Z to the Z1S. I already have a PS4, but ...

I was hoping for the Z1 announcement, but this is the icing on my cake! :)

Using my Jump! too. Did you start jump from day 1? If so when is out 6 months done exactly?

Hargoth says:

My JUMP qualifies on January 13th. Its 180 days from original purchase. I bought the Z on JUMP.

jlczl says:

Was hoping for the Ultra at TMobile. :-(

Fidelio_o says:

Does it have AT&T LTE bands? I'd buy one outright for that.

p51d007 says:

Same question....does it have the at&t LTE bands?

z0phi3l says:

That's what I would like a Z1 Ultra in T-Mob

Still wish this was the original Xperia Z1 instead. Not sure if I'd want to go back down to a 4.3" screen.

Amir47 says:


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This is the s not the compact. Still has a 5"screen.

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Thanks. It's hard to keep track with of all these Xperias Sony rolls out. Any word if the Z1s will be in Purple & Black like the Z was?

Was wondering the same. Seems like they would show them all if they had them ya know?

Sadly,after checking Sony USA's product page it looks like T-Mobile's Z1s will only be offered in Black. No White or Purple options.

NoNexus says:

couldnt if I wanted to, even from the S3