Sony QX100

Availability set for later this month in-store and online for $250 and $500

Sony took the stage here at IFA in Berlin to unveil its latest products that span the gap between its smart phone and camera divisions — the Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 "lens-style cameras". We've all seen the grouping of leaks that have revealed many of the details of these devices, but now we have the cold hard facts.


The QX100 and QX10 are effectively complete point-and-shoot cameras without the actual camera body attached, stuffing all of the functions of a camera into a standard-sized lens assembly. The lens-style cameras pair to any smart phone over NFC (or manually if necessary) and connect over Wifi, turning your phone into a viewfinder and control mechanism for the camera. Pictures taken when paired with a phone are saved to both the camera and the phone, and can be instantly shared as if they were taken with the phone itself.

The QX100 packs the same 20.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor as Sony's latest RX100M2 camera, along with Carl Zeiss optics and 3.6x optical zoom. The larger size affords it the room to have a dedicated control ring to manipulate manual focus and zoom if you choose. It will offer a variety of shooting modes, from superior and intelligent auto up to aperture priority for more advanced shooters

The lower-end QX10 has a smaller 18.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, but has the added bonus of 10x optical zoom instead and can be had in either black or white colors. Naturally the QX10 has fewer shooting modes than the QX100, but has an overall smaller size at just 2.5” x 2.5” x 1.3”. Helping keep photos as crisp as possible is integrated SteadyShot optical image stabilization as well.

Sony Cyber-shot QX100

Both Cyber-shot lens-style cameras can be operated completely independently of a phone if you wish, with stand-alone shutter buttons, zoom controls, Micro SDcard slots for storing photos and even standard tripod mounts. Even when paired with a phone, the QX100 and QX10 don't have to be physically attached to the device — although an adjustable phone clip is included — just simply be within Wifi range.

Sony expects the Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 to be available later this month for $500 and $250, respectively, from Sony directly online and from a variety of partner stores.


New Sony QX100 and QX10 “Lens-Style Cameras” Redefine the Mobile Photography Experience

New Concept Cameras Link Flawlessly to Smartphone, Offering High-Zoom, Stunning Quality Images and HD Videos for Instant Sharing

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 – Merging the creative power of a premium compact camera with the convenience and connectivity of today’s smartphones, Sony today introduced two “lens-style” QX series cameras that bring new levels of fun and creativity to the mobile photography experience.    

The innovative Cyber-shot® QX100 and QX10 models utilize Wi-Fi® connectivity to instantly transform a connected smartphone into a versatile, powerful photographic tool, allowing it to shoot high-quality images and HD videos to rival a premium compact camera.  It’s an entirely new and different way for consumers to capture and share memories with friends and family. 

With a distinct lens-style shape, the new cameras utilize the latest version of Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile™ application (available for iOS™ and Android™ devices, version 3.1 or higher required) to connect wirelessly to a smartphone, converting the bright, large LCD screen of the phone into a real-time viewfinder with the ability to release the shutter, start/stop movie recordings, and adjust common photographic settings like shooting mode, zoom, Auto Focus area and more. 

For added convenience, the app can be activated using NFC one-touch with compatible devices.  Once pictures are taken, they are saved directly on both the phone and the camera*, and can be shared instantly via social media or other common mobile applications. 

“With the new QX100 and QX10 cameras, we are making it easier for the ever-growing population of ‘mobile photographers’ to capture far superior, higher-quality content without sacrificing the convenience and accessibility of their existing mobile network or the familiar ‘phone-style’ shooting experience that they’ve grown accustomed to,” said Patrick Huang, director of the Cyber-shot business at Sony.  “We feel that these new products represent not only an evolution for the digital camera business, but a revolution in terms of redefining how cameras and smartphones can cooperatively flourish in today’s market.”

The new compact, ultra-portable cameras can be attached to a connected phone with a supplied mechanically adjustable adapter, or can be held separately in hand or even mounted to a tripod while still maintaining all functionality and connectivity with the smartphone.  They can also be operated as completely independent cameras if desired, as both the QX100 and QX10 cameras have a shutter release, memory card slot and come with a rechargeable battery. 

Premium, Large-Sensor QX100 Camera

The Cyber-shot QX100 camera features a premium, high-quality 1.0 inch, 20.2 MP Exmor® RCMOS sensor.  Identical to the sensor found in the acclaimed Cyber-shot RX100 II camera, it allows for exceptionally detailed, ultra-low noise images in all types of lighting conditions, including dimly lit indoor and night scenes. 

The sensor is paired with a fast, wide-aperture Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar T* lens with 3.6x optical zoom and a powerful BIONZ® image processor, ensuring beautifully natural, detail-packed still images and HD videos. As an extra refinement, the QX100 sports a dedicated control ring for camera-like adjustment of manual focus and zoom.

Several different shooting modes can be selected while using the QX100 including Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto, which automatically recognizes 44 different shooting conditions and adjusts camera settings to suit.

High-Zoom Cyber-shot QX10 model

Boasting a powerful 18.2 effective megapixel Exmor RCMOS sensor and versatile 10x optical zoom Sony G Lens, the Cyber-shot QX10 camera allows mobile photographers to bring distant subjects closer without sacrificing image quality or resolution, a common problem in smartphones.  It’s also extremely portable and lightweight - weighing less than 4 oz and measuring about 2.5”X2.5”x1.3”, it’s a great tool for travel photography.

Additionally, the camera has built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization to combat camera shake, keeping handheld pictures and videos steady and blur-free.  It has Program Auto, Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto modes to choose from, and will be available in two different colors – black and white.

Pricing and Availability

The new Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 lens-style cameras will available later this month for about $500 and $250, respectively.

The cameras and a range of compatible accessories including a soft carry case and dedicated camera attachment for Sony Mobile phones like the Xperia™ Z can be purchased at Sony retail stores ( and other authorized dealers nationwide.
Please visit for a full video preview of the new Sony Cyber-shot QX Series cameras and follow #SonyCamera on Twitter for the latest camera news.


Reader comments

Sony announces Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 camera accessories for smartphones


This has alot of possibilites. Imagine going to concerts, sporting events, and other places that dont allow high end cameras. Just take your phone and camera lens and your set. It will only be a matter of time before they make a updated version with better zoom. Im a freelance photographer and this is definitely the way to go when manufacturers like nokia have high cameras in their phones. Who needs an android powered camera (samsung) when your phone of any operating system can be your gateway to higher quality.

+9000 I hope this camera serves you well.

Posted from my phone, using your girlfriend's Internet, while you're at work.

There's no way I'm paying $500 for something that can't shoot RAW. I hope they fix that in a future model/software upgrade.

My other comment exploded into the ether after I tried to post a link to amazon with some photos of the camera, so I'll try again.

I was in the market for the RX100 and thought this would be a nice bridge between ultra-portable with really nice glass and at the right price point. The QX10 is nice, but the RX100 glass is much better, so I wanted the QX100 to be perfect from the start which is a bit unrealistic, I know.

I can wait for Second Gen or a software update that adds RAW. I know Sony wasn't going for Lightroom users with this device, but Perfectly Clear Snapseed editors, so RAW seemed excessive.

I was replying to original poster ... No RAW support is absurd at this price point.

Posted via Android Central App

+1 to Sony for the Price point!!!
Now where's the hands on video!!!!
I hope it takes good macros!!

Take my Money!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Great idea but how can they be considered "complete cameras" when they don't come with a flash? Unless I'm missing something that is a glaring omission!!!

I don't know if they are worth it at those prices. I would prefer a more cheap version. For those prices, a full camera with Wi-Fi would be a better option if one shoots too many photos.

Let's wait for the hands on and picture quality samples. They are interesting at the least.

Is the lens directly mountable to a tripod or is it via an add on or bracket? Didn't notice any pictures of this. Warming to the idea more and more. The Zeiss lens should be quality and the possibilities for remote control are fascinating.

I don't see a market for this at this price. People who want better quality could go with the Lumix GF5 for around $320 for a huge micro four thirds sensor and interchangeable lens. Or just a point and shoot with wi-fi for less $$. It's not like you have "one less thing to carry" its the same number of things as your phone + a camera.

Since this thing is like a camera with no screen, why isn't it priced like a handheld zoom camera minus the cost of a screen? I'm thinking $150 would see some of these actually sell.

I think you've grossly misjudged the market for this. Check Amazon, there are no cameras with 10x zoom and 18mp new for less than $250. While I don't see the market for the $500 version, the $250 will I think be very successful.

This. At $250, the QX10 can't be beat.

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It is. I used to use Sony PlayMemories with my NEX camera and a Nexus 7 all the time. I have since upgraded to a Nexus 10 and that works too.

Hadn't even thought about that it could be paired with a tablet too. Especially since the 2012 Nexus 7 has no rear camera. I know people think it would look dumb but most times I really don't care what others think. I don't have a smart phone but take my nexus everywhere.

Why is nobody curious about the technology behind this camera. how does it connect/stream to the phone? Wifi Direct? Whats the battery tech being used? Sooo many questions about this

It uses the same rechargable battery as the Sony Cybershot models (NP-BN) so expect the same life as the cybershot with the screen off, but wifi on. (Battery Capacity: 2.3Wh).

ePhotozine says: "Battery life for the camera is rated at 110 minutes or 220 photos, with the camera using an N series battery from standard Sony Cyber-shots. The battery can be charged in the camera over USB, and is also removable so you can charge it in the optional charger."

I was interested in this before but I clearly missed (or was just stupid to) it being used as a standalone option. It makes it an even more attractive proposition.

I have my smartphone and I have my Canon IXUS 220 HS. This is better than both with the added benefit of being able to utilise the features of my smartphone but also operate independently when required. It works for me.

Posted via Android Central App

Nice device! Wouldn't it be cool if they would develop support for this to be used with Google Glass so you could use Glass as viewfinder for the standalone lense...

I like the way you think!!!!!
That would be awesome if it could be paired with Google glass!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Can't wait to read the reviews to see if this lives up to hype. First generation products often struggle.

The LOWER end unit has the same sensor tech AND much better optical zoom AND smaller size AND better price??

I was at a parade this weekend and had to hold my camera over my head to get it above the crowd and take random shots just hoping they would come out. I would have loved to have had this camera. Being able to hold the camera lens up high and still see the viewfinder would have been perfect.

Stupid question I'm sure, but is there anything that keeps this thing from being used to record video?

Maybe I'll pick this over the S4 Zoom.

Lets me keep my current smartphone AND gives me a better camera + optical zoom.

Looks like Sony hit a home-run with this.