Bravia Smart Stick

New Google TV stick will feature Google Play and Sony's Bravia apps

Sony has outed themselves on their blog this afternoon, telling us that they have an announcement this coming Sunday. They will be talking up the new Bravia Smart Stick, which is a Google TV stick that has Sony's Bravia apps in addition to Google Play built right in.

Don't get too excited, as Sony says the stick is designed to plug into the MHL port on a 2013 model Sony Bravia television. They don't say it won't work with other brands, but we'll hold off on any speculation and wait for them to "officially" announce it this Sunday. If you already have a 2013 Sony Bravia TV, feel free to get excited.

The Smart Stick will come with the familiar style remote from current model Google TV boxes, include a picture-in-picture function and offer support for Google Chrome. It sounds a lot like the NSZ-GZ7 (which is still a horrible name) in function, but with a smaller profile.

We'll know more Sunday.

Source: Sony


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Sony to announce Bravia Smart Stick this Sunday


It'll need some amazing to make it better than the Chromecast. That's assuming more apps cone out for the Chromecast soon!

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It will end up getting Chromecast as all current GoogleTVs will. The sweet thing with GoogleTV device is that they have HDMI pass-through/overlay. No switching TV inputs for GoogleTV or Chromecast content!

Always hated Sony and their proprietary cards and connections. hopefully the make it compatible with more common connections(USB,HDMI)

PS Vita tv would be great! I am hoping sony starts putting more to it. I love that thing! It would be great if Sony integrated Google tv into a PS4. I could get rid of my Sony GTV.

I have both a GoogleTV and Chromcast. While both have some overlapping features GoogleTV has more features and better designed for watching TV. Done right this will be a very excellent product. I'll be listening for the news. At $100 this product will be a steal.


Disappointed it's only for the 2013 models. I have a 2012 Bravia and the widgets on it suck ass.
Uhh, looks like they took down the page for it.

I want this to be compatable with Samsung E8000 plasmas but I know better. But I can go upgrade my Samsung with the quad core plug in box that just makes Samsung TV Apps faster!


The Sony 2013 W6 I have already does YouTube streaming, Lovefilm and Google Music streaming when I use "Cast to UPnP/DLNA for Gmusic" app, so don't need the Chromecast for my needs. Even the built in Opera based browser works ok when using my smartphone as the remote and touchpad. No sure marketing this Sony Google TV just for their 2013 TVs is worthwhile for anything other than the non-smart R4 TVs. The GUI of the Sony 2013 TVs is nice, much like the tiled design of the PS4 UI without all the blue (as Sony seem to have been unifying their UI a bit in the living room) so I will admit it will be nice to see if they go with that style UI for this Google TV HDMI stick.