Last week news of a new security vulnerability in the Android package installer emerged, which could potentially allow one app to take over another's permissions. Dubbed "Fake ID," the issue was patched by Google shortly after disclosure in April, and many Android devices are already protected through the Play Store and Google Play Services. Nevertheless, it's an issue to be taken seriously, and so we reached out to the major manufacturers to find out their plans. Today Sony has told us it's aware of the problem and has been putting Google's fixes in place.

A Sony statement given to Android Central reads:

"We are aware, and have received relevant patches from Google to correct this issue. As a part of standard precautionary procedure, we are making them available for Xperia devices through our retail partners within normal and regular software maintenance."

For what it's worth, Bluebox's own scanner app shows that the bug is already fixed in the latest Sony Xperia Z2 firmware. Owners of other Xperia handsets, if they're not already patched, can expect the Fake ID fix in future maintenance releases.

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Sony on Android 'Fake ID' bug: Fixes on the way


...I bet Sony now wishes they had spent more time creating something similar to Samsung's security policies and less time trolling the internet about what Samsung does... :D

No we don't need delayed software updates and bloat like TouchWiz. We need OEMs to push their customizations to play store in the form of apps or services so that they can get updated quickly without useless carriers. Motorola, HTC and few other are already moving to this direction. Where does Samsung stand? May be they don't care about customer and speedy updates as long as they are selling millions of phones without even trying anything new.

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Delayed updates? I guess you're joking, right? Because Sony are well known as being the worst offender among the major manufacturers in not getting updates out there.

I have to agree with you. My Z1s hasn't gotten a single update since its release (over half a year ago). So when Sony says "regularly scheduled maintenance updates," they might as well be talking about the lost city of Atlantis.

Confused? Sony make premium handsets that's very light on bloat and come with superb cameras and features. I'm glad they didn't copy Samsung....

There's no way my phone could ever be taken over. I'm in complete control of everything it does

I love Richard Yarrell

And if anyone ever tries to make my phone do something I don't want it to do, there will be hell to pay.

Samsung Period

My phone, and only mine! I am in control!

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