Sonos Controller

An update to the Sonos Controller app is available that expands its list of supported tablets and also adds support for landscape. Late last year, Sonos made the app available for tablets, but the selection was limited. It is now available on all 7-inch and 10-inch devices, which of course includes the recently released Nexus 7 (see our review).

In addition, Sonos has added landscape mode which was one of the most requested features, and also has added larger album artwork for your visual pleasure.

If you're a big Sonos user, this has to excite you. For the update, please find links to the free app after the break.

Source: Sonos


Reader comments

Sonos Controller update expands support for all 7-inch and 10-inch tablets and adds landscape


You're always so negative in these comments, tone down the hate dude. Sonos may be expensive but it's fairly popular and worth the money if you want a streaming system for more than one or two rooms. They're also terrific about updates and supporting their product. I don't own a system just because it's not worth the money to stream to one room in my apparent, but I'll surely look into it when I move.