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HSPA+ Xperia Z1 owners reporting small firmware version bump

The Sony Xperia Z1 has only been available for a few days, but it looks like the first firmware upgrade is already pushing out for some devices. Reports from XperiaBlog say the HSPA+-only Xperia Z1 in India is getting an update to firmware version 14.1.G.1.531 (from .518), though there don't seem to be any obvious changes in the new build. As such, we're guessing it's mostly bug fixes and minor tweaks — and we've noticed one or two software issues on our review unit that could use a fix.

We're not seeing the update on our LTE-capable Xperia Z1 just yet though, so it's likely the new version will be pushed out in stages, as has been the case with earlier Sony OTAs.

Source: XperiaBlog


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Some Sony Xperia Z1s getting first firmware update


Lol wasn't another phone getting blasted the other day for pushing an update out right after release.

Lets see if those same people come and complain again or if they were just trolling

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Its getting another firmware update already on the C6902 (HSPA+) model... My UK Unlocked LTE one still hasn't even got this update (the one in this article) while the O2 one already does!