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So the Galaxy Nexus is officially and actually now out in the wild (in the UK at least) and in the treasured hands of some eager Android fans. One such fan has done what to many would be unthinkable, and rubbed a set of keys all over the screen! 

As we all know by now, there is no Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus. Curious for the results? Check out the video after the jump and see for yourselves, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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So how well does the Galaxy Nexus stand up against keys?


Way too many Galaxy Nexus stories, no fair. I want one, come'on Verizon. Quit playing games with my emotions.

What about a diamond test? Lol how often do you have diamonds rubbing all over your cell phone screen? If you are that wealthy you don't care about a cell phone screen being scratched because you can easily afford a new one.

Um, who doesn't carry diamonds in their pockets should be the question. I am so tired of the 99% being allowed to own phones.

What about all those people with diamond rings? I suppose those never come on contract with the screen.....ever!

Diamond earrings destroy the screens. I know because I have ruined two already. This was before I got the Droid X, though. For some reason it's never scratched my screen.

I hate to see these videos! I get so nervous that it will ruin a beautiful piece of technology. But, it is like a car crash, you don't want to, bit you look anyway.

and this is exactly why you silly paranoid kids need to stop rushing out and buying and applying those ugly, obtrusive, and unnecessary screen protectors. i know they make you feel better just like your baby blanket but they are not necessary in 2012! remember this video the next time you get the urge to buy one!

and when will you silly kids realize that gorilla glass can be scratched. keys wont scratch it but sand can and will. sand in your pocket or on your fingers. ive had three phones with gorrilla glass and they all started to get tiny scratches so i put a screen protector on no matter what all the cool kids think. and im not rough on my phones at all. i work construction so i am around dirt.

I have a phone with gorilla glass and it has a scratch. Besides, why do you care if people want to put screen protectors on their phones?

They're paper-thin, transparent films that you can barely see.

What kind of crappy protectors are YOU buying?

People buy a ~$600 piece of equipment, and you see a problem with people protecting it?

You're the one who sounds like a kid (or a grumpy old man). We don't all have mommy to buy one for us every time our screen scratches, and we all don't have retirement funds to fall back on to buy a new phone. Either way, find something else to bitch about. There are more serious problems in the world.

I just close my eyes when I see someone try to scratch a great phone like that. Don't care if someone else owns it, just can not look at it. What a piece of hardware and the software isn't half bad either. Show me the Nexus, Verizon.
PS, I hope the Int. memory is 32 on the Verizon phones.

It's not the diamonds that will get you, (unless as stated previously, you are wealthy enough to have a pocket full of diamonds next to your phone) it's the sand. My Gorilla Glass Galaxy S didn't do too well against this common element. When I go to the beach, I don't bother with a screen protector... I wrap that thing up in bubble wrap and slap a diaper on it. (pro-tip...makes it really hard to make a call)

The HSPA+ Version of Galaxy Nexus is a pentaband phone. It will work on any 3G Network worldwide including T-Mobile, AT&T in the USA. It is about time. This is right from Tank Girl from Engadget. Just did a video about the phone.

Hasn't it been said in most of the posts and podcasts here on ANDROID CENTRAL since the GNex's announcement that the HSPA+ is pentaband and will work around the world?

Welcome to the party, throw your coat in the closet we're already to the dancing, should have been here earlier. :-P

Even though you could guess the outcome based on the post, who else here cringed as the key first touched the glass?

Holy crap! There is something just as good as gorilla glass??? (sarcasm intended)

I didn't think that was possible with all the "it doesn't have gorilla glass!!!111!!1" dopes screaming.