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When it comes to getting Cut the Rope on Android, we only have one thing to say: Not soon enough! That's right, Cut the Rope has been rumored to be on its way for months, and now we've got an official teaser, straight from developer ZeptoLab.

Gameplay for Cut the Rope on Android looks to be exactly the same, which is a good thing. For those who haven't been indoctrinated, the idea is to get the shiny ball thingy into the mouth of the green monster guy. And it gets pretty darn tough.

Still no release actual date, but we're we're definitely getting closer to Cut the Rope. [via Facebook] Thanks, ilyaamex!


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Sneak peek of Cut the Rope for Android


That "shiny ball thingy" is a candy you are challenged with feeding to the green monster.

Awesome on the iPhone, can't wait to get my Thunderbolt some day to play it again on Android!

Can't Wait, now lets hope this isn't the same "coming soon" that was stated in October. I want it now! and I want to pay for it!

I hope they take a page out of Rovio's book & make it free & ad supported like Angry Birds.

Adfree Android is the best root app there is! :-)

A choice would be good. Ad-free or paid. I don't like having ads interfere with my gameplay, but I don't mind paying the developers money.

while that isn't as bad a pirating apps, the developers are spending tons of money and time making great games and you can't even give them a penny by looking at a few ads, come on man.

Ditch adFree, it has its uses, but i wont install it again until it lets me chose which apps it blocks ads in, some developers (Rovio especially, other great game devs) deserve my pennies, others do not.

It's about time android gets this I have had this on my iPhone 4 since last year now I can get it for my g2. Android takes forever to get good games

Sneak peek? no surprise there. this game has been coming soon since october and i bet it will have adds and half the features of ios version. seems like the most used game on android is the Waiting game.

Netflix and hulu pretty much round out the last apps that apple still have over android. Not including all the wonderful games, but tegra is helping to close that gap. It's about time too.

And Skype (w/video chat)... Apple must've cut some kind of temporary exclusivity deal w/Skype, it can't possibly take this long to port the video chat component to Android, not when multiple other companies less experienced int he field have already released Android video chat apps.

Hulu can be hacked to work on Android... Netflix I don't care that much about, although it's coming (at 'least on some phones w/TI SoCs, IIRC), and it'd be neat to use w/HDMI out ('specially now that my EVO's HDMI out can be used w/anything).

Where did Plant vs Zombies go? I thought Popcap said it was coming like, in the middle of last year.

P.S. The captcha approach for the spam filter makes a lot more sense, altho I see some spam is still getting thru and you're obviously still getting false positives.

Hahaha...the ending song is wonderful. I want it on my mp3 player.
Too bad the game was so short...took less than 60 seconds. Part of the comedy though.