Samsung Galaxy Gear

Now you'll be able to take self-destructing 1.9MP photos from your wrist

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear it rolled out a solid list of well-known apps that will be supported on the device, and now Snapchat is announcing it will have a "Micro" version of its app for the smartwatch. The spontaneous use of Snapchat really does lend itself to the always-on nature of a small camera on your wrist, and it's good to see Samsung getting together with popular app makers to have these types of apps ready for launch.

There's no indication of how Snapchat Micro will differ in terms of functionality from the full version of the app on Android, but we have to hope it'll be a full experience. We won't have to wait long though, as Samsung's latest wearable device is ready to hit retailers in just a few weeks.

Source: Engadget

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swimmaholic says:

This is disturbing and pathetic.

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ScottJ says:

Just what every teenage boy needs, a camera attached to his wrist. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what pictures that will capture.

Fussolia says:

It's a good thing that you can't disable the shutter sound.

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NoNexus says:

once it gets rooted though....

its good android application..

Right, because before the Galaxy Gear existed, there wasn't a single way for people to easily and surreptitiously take photos.

ScottJ says:

It is a joke. Bad or good you can decide.

I thought the same thing when I saw that they make a wrist strap mount for my GoPro.

tigeryee says:

I cannot wait to see boobs on my wrist

Glenn Correa says:


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Glenn Correa says:


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ScottJ says:

May I suggest anabolic steroids? They cause strange things to grow in unusual places.

rd_nest says:


Do they have a WP app??

Now everyone is James bond

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Gearu says:

His had a cutting laser :(

bizzyqu says:

what could possibly go wrong

Halofury says:

The possibilities... O:-)

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