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There is a lot of wireless back up / restore, locate and wipe applications available in the Android Market. But a lot of the time, getting all those solutions into one application is hard. You'll often find one app may have some of the features while; you'll need to download another in order to get all of what you seek. SmrtGuard Mobile Security for Android is looking to close that need for multiple apps by offering a all-in-one, complete solution for wireless back up / restore, locate, wipe and more.

Recently, SmrtGuard released version 5.08, which has the SmrtAdvisor feature: As soon as you download and install any third-party application, SmrtAdvisor feature will alert you if the application can uses your location, read/fwd your SMS/MMS, read/change your contacts, control your 'key strokes' remotely.

Oh, not to mention it has a full-featured call blocker and SMS blocker, which means you don't need to buy another app for block calls and SMS. The best part is that it even blocks unknown and private callers.

Key Features

  • Wireless back up / restore, locate, wipe - Security for your device even when lost.
  • Application Transparency – Know what you are downloading, and report to SmrtGuard if you see something suspicious.
  • Permission Pattern Malware Scan – Uses permission pattern scanning technology to identify potential malware and disguising as a free app you recently downloaded.
  • Uninstall Notification – Along with our free companion application installed, SmrtBeacon, you will be notified if SmrtGuard is uninstalled. Likewise, if SmrtBeacon is uninstalled, you will be notified too.
  • Ability to export any backed up data.


SmrtGuard Mobile Security is turning 2 years old today -- Memorial Day 2011 -- and they are giving away 50 subscriptions to Android Central readers who are new to SmrtGuard. To enter, it is simple: Download SmrtGuard from the Android Marketplace. From SmrtGuard application, activate you account and then you are automatically entered!


Reader comments

SmrtGuard Mobile Security - A chance to win yourself a free subscription just for trying it out!


Now if the HTC Evo 3D would just hurry up and come out, I'd try and enter this.. Too bad that by the time it does release and I'm able to get it, this promotional deal will probably be all cleaned up.

Oh well, if its as good as this article says, I'd probably end up buying it anyway!

Looks really nice. The data wipe test freaks me out. The remote listen could a fun feature.

How will SmartGuard filter through android central users downloading today and non-android central users?

I downloaded the SmrtGuard Mobile Security app from the Market and activated it. How do I know if I got the free giveaway, which Im assuming is the Pro version?

I was wondering the same thing. Downloaded and activated it but there is no way to tell if you're an Android Central user from what I can tell.

I've had SmrtGuard since I came over to Android 2 years ago and wouldn't consider owning a device, any device, with out it! It's been protecting smarthphones longer than app out there. I swear by it. Unfortunately my yearly subscription ended.

I want to win a new subscription too! What do I do?

I hate to be a thorn in the AC side, but this article could use an update. We don't know how an AC member would be selected, what the timeline is, and how the AC member might know they have won.