Slide AsideThe LG G2 is chock full of features. A lot of folks will call them gimmicks, and that's OK because a world where everyone likes the same things is no world I want to be in. Whether you love them or hate them, the important thing is that they all work without killing the performance of the phone. A lot of that comes from the Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 under the hood, but we like to think that LG was also hard at work to optimize the software.

What Slide Aside does is act as a "container" of sorts for app switching. You enable it in the settings, and with a three finger gesture you can swipe away any active application to dock it on the left side of the screen. You can store up to three applications there, and bring them in and out of focus at will. It's a lot like Samsung's Multi-window, but it works with every app.

This is incredibly handy for apps like a messenger, that you're in and out of all the time. I've been using it while reviewing the AT&T model of the G2, and sticking Hangouts and the Gmail app over there at the side really is useful for the way I use my phone. Does it affect the battery life? Probably. But not enough for me to decide not to use it. 

This is one gimmick I'm enjoying. Check the video after the break.


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Slide Aside: LG's app switching feature on the G2


I still don't understand the point. can't we just hold down home to get our recent apps? I love my g2 but i never use this feature lol

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Long press home and Google Now pops up.

Long press the square thingie and you can get to recent apps.
But this feature actually looks more intuitive, especially since andorid is adopting the new swipe left-right on so many apps.

The only worry is that it would interfere with changing browser pages in Chrome and the hamburger menues in so many apps.

Wrong, long pressing home brings up recent apps just like the first guy said. Long pressing the menu button "square thingy" does nothing. Google now is just like a Nexus phone.

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This is only useful on this device because they decided to go with a Menu button instead instead of a Recent Apps button.

It's another neat use able feature of the G2..Love

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I can't wait for the review from y'all. I am in love with my G2 and have strongly disagreed with a lot of the reviews I've been seeing. Hopefully it has a better chance for you guys. I don't agree that LG's UI and software is a vagrant rip from Samsung but that's just my opinion. I look forward to the full review.

So, the software isn't as cluttered as what many would have us believe? I really need to get into a store and try this phone. I love the specs but the reviews are worrying me.

A lot of the "clutter" in the notification bar is easily removed. The UI is highly customizable. (More so than Sense and Touchwiz.) I'll be the first to say that I am extremely happy that no review took any part in my decision to buy the G2 and I don't regret it one bit.

Pocket now, Android Police, Engadget, and The Verge pegged it for exactly what it is a bootleg knock off of all things Samsung.

It's a sad conclusion when you have to use the old saying if you can't beat em midus well join concept.

Regardless of copying they still won't sell as many G2's as the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 for that matter.

Plain and simple Samsung rules period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

1. Show me where any of those websites stated it is a "bootleg" or "copy" of "all things Samsung". Have you not seen pictures of the actual phone? Besides the use of plastic, it has almost physically nothing to do with any Samsung phone.
2. The fact that you didn't even finish the "old saying" correctly, let alone that you couldn't even spell a word correctly (despite having autocorrect on your "pimp slapping" Note 2), means you are a total moron. "Midus" is not a word in the English dictionary.
3. If I recall correctly, the last firm sales numbers we had on the S4 were 20 million in July. Then, early this month, we got reports of those sales "stumbling" or causing a "crisis" because they were so low. The only reason Samsung has sold as many phones as it does is because of the huge marketing push. If HTC, LG, or even Motorola spent half as much as Samsung, they'd have more sales.
4. Plain and simple, you're a delusional fanboy who thinks whatever phone he currently owns is "the best" or "boss". You said that of the Evo 3D, and despite your claims of it being "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012", was discontinued not even 2 months into the year.

Thanks Jerry. Another great feature of this incredible phone brought to light.

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But it's an interesting point. This gimmick (and that's what it is, you don't ever need to use it) is really no better than Samsung's Multi-window, other than the ability to use any app. It's also harder to do, because you need three fingers.

But the Multi-Window from Samsung makes my S4 lag like a bitch. Maybe Samsung and T-mobile will push an update one day like the others got, but for now the Samsung gimmick is unusable.


Plain and simple Samsung is the clear leader in software development/solutions as well as feature enhancements/implementations.

Features meant on the Galaxy Note 2 as well as the Galaxy Note 3 aren't suppose to be for the Galaxy S4. Samsung is just trying to satisfy there Galaxy S customers with enhancements a little overboard.

The Galaxy Note series is a productivity/business/multitasking handset unparalleled to anything ever made since the inception of android period.

Spen alone as well as multitasking/productivity nothing tops Note products.

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Please stop, you add literally nothing of use to any conversation you decide to bomb. We get, you think Samsung is the be all end all of phone manufacturers. We didn't care the first time or the million times after that, not to mention your posts are usually cluttered with ridiculous fanboy inaccuracies.

That is the very reason why I sold my S4. It lagged like crazy and Samsung wrote me on Twitter saying that it's T-Mobile's job to fix the issues. I wish I was making that up. On the other hand, I did win another S4 from T-Mobile with their #hate2wait contest so who knows what I'll do when it arrives.

I swear I saw a little puff of smoke on the edge of the video when you started the demonstration. Wonder what that was...

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Now if only there was a way to change that on-screen menu button into a multitasking button and have the overflow menu show in apps.

I'd love to get this phone and slap an AOSP ROM on it, but I actually would like to use some of the gimmicks. Maybe someone will hack together some goodness.

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Any third party apps that can do this yet? Glovebox is closest but not close. PS Chrome mobile sucks for comments here. Keyboard is unpredictable.

So, under the hood, did LG configure Android to hold higher priority on the apps before recycling them for memory, or is this just a different appearance of the multi-tasking window in stock Android (which holds way more than 3 apps...)

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I was wondering about this too, I thought it was just a quick way to access three apps (and maybe have a higher priority) but now I noticed there is no multi-tasking button. I'd like to get some clarification on that too.

Hello There,

Just to confirm for everyone, a long press on the home button does bring you to the task manager if you wanted to clear all apps. What is interesting is that whatever 3 apps you use in slideaside will say dormant in there, even when you clear your task manager.

It works for most every app except for the camera and certain 3rd party games. If you are using an app that requires an online connection it will timeout and require reloading depending on how long it is in slideaside. Love this phone. The G2 is a beast and the best phone LG has ever made to date.

Thanks for the clarification. I was never really intrigued by LG phones until this one came out, it's really tempting. I'm having a tough choice between this and the Moto X, I'm going to have to go to a VZW store and check them both out :)

I want this phone so bad. Just waiting for Sprint to release this, but i'm a little worried because I have been reading that this phone is plagued with the same thermal throttling issues the Nexus 4 has, this makes since considering LG makes both. I will have to wait to see if this is true from more people. Some people are saying the games shuts down and stutters when playing intense games.

Either way, the Nexus 4S or 5 should be announced next month, so one of those will be my next phone I believe.

Jerry, have you noticed any issues like this?

I've had the G2 since Sept 11th. It's spectacular. The phone is ridiculously fast and smooth, and the UI is basically a much better version of touchwiz. As far as the "features", I really like Clip Tray. It's easy and intuitive, and it really makes cut/copy/paste better. Also, Answer Me is fantastic too. When your phone rings, just put it to your ear to talk. No messing with the screen. Great for when you have gloves on too. These are two features that are really useful and not just gimmicks.

FYI it's easier when you use your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Try it.

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The multi-window feature on my Note 2 works great and I have not experienced any lag with it. I use the multi-window feature all the time on my Note 2 to watch/listen to a YouTube and surfer the internet in the other window. It is much better feature to use than the LG2 slide side.

i use the multi window to not stop my YouTube when i get a text and want to reply.. A note2 feature i worry about loosing by getting the G2... But still considering..

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You guys have seen BlackBerry10 right?

I mean, this is a small attempt to duplicate the multitasking and easy gesture flow that BB10 offers.

Kudos to LG, but it's a shame there are people dying for features offered by current phones.

Looks nifty, reminds me of switching between apps on a PlayBook

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Google needs to get the message. Multitasking sucks on android right now. I am pretty sick of loading a webpage, going to check an email, then coming back to the browser to find that the webpage has to load again. Im hoping for improvement in kit kat. My one issue with android right now.

What browser are you using? I don't see that behavior. Load a page in Chrome, go to several other apps, come back, the page is still there. Chrome would only reload the page if Android needed to reclaim some memory, meaning you have too many apps open or not enough memory.

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I am using chrome on a gnex. You are right it is definitely a reclaiming RAM thing. I definitely remember occasions where just opening email was enough to make it shut down chrome. Probably when I had several tabs open. Right now I just did the following: load one tab in chrome, go to the gmail app, go to maps, go to google voice, return to chrome; the tab must re-load. The gnex has 1gb of ram. That isnt enough to do these four tasks? 1gb can run windows 7 on a desktop (albiet not great but better than this). The bigger issue though is that i dont get to tell android im done looking at email or im done looking at the map. Android decided that since the webpage was the furthest away in history, that is what should close. Yes, I could have swiped the other apps away from the recent view but I would have to know in advance that my browser will get killed if I dont.

Oh well. I guess another gig of memory will fix it. Until devs figure out how to gobble that up in a hurry. The gift and curse of moore's law.

I'm not having such problem from Nexus 4. Using Wi-Fi. I use both chrome and maxthon. At least it works ok as long as i don't wait hours. My wife had the multitask problem using GS3 some time ago. I don't know if it was fixed with the multitask extensive software update.

You and me both. All these years later, and these thriving companies still can't compete with WebOS cards system.

I tested the Options G Pro over the weekend and I liked that you can put more than 4 icons on the "home bar" I also liked how it centered them all the time. I couldn't test the LG G2 because the plug it was connected to have no charge. Any one know if you can add more than 4 spots on the G2 as well?

Isn't that just "recent apps" like on any other phone? What Samsung has done is that you can use 2 apps at the same time, like browse web and watch YouTube.....sometimes pretty useful, so its actually nowhere near like Samsung Multi-window feature

PS. For a long time now you can use any app in Samsung multi-window, and no there is no lag, but update wouldn't hurt.....T-Mobile sucks balls.

Palm already did this but better and more elegently. you could scroll through all of your open apps by swiping. I am glad to see some of the better features of palm start to creep into iOS and Android. It is about time.

Played with a G2 yesterday and the hardware is pretty fantastic, the phone feels way smaller than it is. As I suspected though the custom UI runs deep and has some serious issues as far as aesthetics and consistency go, give me the G2 with something other than their UI and it would be an instant buy for me.

Everytime I see a feature like this I allmost have to cry and think back to only a week ago when my Pre3 still worked. The Pre3 works on WebOs, a sadly abandoned OS. This is what WebOs could do 3 years ago:
After that it only got better. What Android does now with slide a side doesn't come close to what WebOs already did three years ago. My Pre3 finally broke a week ago, so I had to switch to Android or iOS. But it saddens me to see how far behind they all are.