Update: Thanks to everyone who commented, the contest has ended and the winners have been contacted! Congrats tclaer, BigTex71, and nighthawk700!

Love music? Good thing because Slacker just announced that they'll be releasing Slacker Radio to Android Market! Slacker Radio is a great streaming radio application that'll surely find a place in many music lovers' Android phones. Slacker Radio for Android offers:

  • Free music library featuring millions of songs
  • High-quality stereo playback from any wireless connection
  • Create custom artist stations based on artists or songs
  • Over 100 professionally programmed genre stations
  • View artist biographies and photos
  • View album art and read reviews
  • "Peek Ahead" artist and album preview
  • Multi-tasking – listen to music while using other applications
  • Rate songs as favorites
  • Ban songs and artis ts you don’t like
  • Vertical and Horizontal modes
  • Desktop widget

The Slacker Radio app for Android is free in Android Market but if you want the benefits of Slacker Radio Plus which offers unlimited song skips, complete lyrics, and no audio or banner ads, Slacker was kind enough to offer three 1-year subscriptions to Android Central readers! Simply comment below and we'll randomly draw names over the weekend. Contest ends Sunday November 8th 2009. You can only be entered once so multiple comments won't count as multiple entries.

We need a way to contact you guys so please leave information of some sort (if you're logged in, you're fine). Also, winners will need to sign up for a free Slacker account in order to get their account upgraded! Good luck!

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Chris says:

I just picked up a Droid and I love slacker radio. Would love to get a 1 year free!!

makeshift326 says:

I have been waiting for this! Slacker is the best app ever and makes my hero even more amazing than it already is!

nighthawk700 says:

Do you mean it shows lyrics during the song?? I don't have an Android phone yet (2 more months before my contract ends) but if the above is true, I'll definitely get this app. I'm one of those people who mishears (and thus mis-sings) most songs. This would be a great feature.

freebird#AC says:

About to pick up my new droid, but I've been using slacker on my blackberry since the day it was released. One of my two essential apps on the berry. I would like to know if it caches on android like it does the blackberry os, because it doesn't on the iphone.

Sheila says:

I did not know that an app like Slacker Radio existed. I love to give it a try.

Mercy says:

I have a my touch 3g bought recently. would love to slacker!!

reeffarmer says:

Have loved slacker for a few months, and have loved android for a few days.

This is great news coming from blackberry to Droid. Thanks!

Latch says:

I'd love a free plus subscription!

Cmg27 says:

My droid is hopefully going to be shipped today! Ordered last night! This would be a great addition!

ranger#AC says:

I am getting my first android phone. I was a blackberry user and also an I phone user at the same time. Have used slacker on both. Would love to have it on this one now because I am giving up the other two.

mienberry says:

C'mon free slacker...

HR says:

Sounds good.

Kristen says:

pick me!

CE131697 says:

One "Golden Ticket" please.

Kevin F says:

I liked slacker on my blackberry, but my old blackberry curve really couldn't handle it. Runs nicely on my Cliq on T-Mobile. Pandora is more for Styles based off a specific band/song, Slacker is better for the Genre channels. (Pandora does offer Genre Channels and Slacker does offer channels based off artists, but they both have their strong traits and should stick to them.)

Matty321 says:

I love Slacker I listen to daily on my 160 mile commute to and from work, a year free would be soo cool!! Thanks

wingfan#AC says:

droid + slacker would be great with a 1 yr subscription on top of it

billyd380 says:

I too loved slacker on my BB but it just wasn't up for the challenge. Can't wait to try it on my Droid!!

Would love a free anything..

tru2lyfe81 says:

Hope I get picked

Anonymous says:

little birdy told me the slacker mobile app was a accidental leak gone terribly right! YAY SLACKER!!

Jason#AC says:

Slacker Radio rocks! Looking forward to listening on my new DROID when it arrives!! A free upgrade would be awesome. Thanks Android Central!!!

Tried slacker on my G1 this morning. Works well, even on Edge. Would love a subscription.

CCS says:

Ooooh, I am a slacker - do I qualify?? Pick me, pick me!

darkjuan says:

Count me in as a Slacker!

Lu!s says:

pick me

Klotera says:

Been a Pandora user for a long time - interested to see how this holds up. Subscription would be even better.

Sean says:

I think i'd like to see how the upper class lives...sign me up!

Josh says:

I've tried this and Pandora and could never figure out which one I like better. Getting a subscription would definitely help! :P

KMBass says:

Headed to Best Buy to pick up my Droid. Will be back later to comment and hopefully receive my Slacker Radio subscription.

Carlos says:

I just might try this out. Seeing as how Pandora (which I love) is kinda flaky on my Hero... =(

Mark says:

Is this the same kind of thing as Pandora?

SkottM says:

Def count me in on this contest. I will fight you if I do not win. FIGHT. Take previous statement into careful consideration during "randomly" pick the winner.

Stephman says:

Droid should be arriving on Monday, hope I win!

sircrash says:

Yes, I'd like free music please. :D

tru2lyfe81 says:

Nice app....hotness all the way............win or lose happy its here

LarryM says:

Count me in the drawing.

Alex says:

omg finally a better alternative to Pandora. I thought Slacker would never come to android!!!!

Alex says:

omg finally a better alternative to Pandora. I thought Slacker would never come to android!!!!

Omg...love me some slacker! Hook a brutha up!

kriev#AC says:

count me in! :D

Android ftw!

I'm getting a Droid today, and would LOVE Slacker. I was going to use Pandora, but I've heard nothing but negative things on their audio quality on phones.

Derick says:

Slacker radio! Here I come!

gjira says:

Slacker, just in time for Androd after I dump my Blackberry for a droid. Woo-Hoo!

biggbrother2 says:

How much does the subscription cost per year?

Brett says:

Heading to pick up my Droid today! I loved Slacker Radio on my Blackberry Storm and used it all of the time, problem was I couldn't say I liked my Storm. Hello Droid!!!

Brian S says:

Slacker on Droid's gonna be AWESOME!

Jeff says:

I love Android!

Tony C says:

To Whom it may concern,
It has come to my attention that you are offering to give away a product which has been known to cost money. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your largess. It is all too infrequent these days to find a kind soul that is willing to give freely what others would charge handsomely for. I suppose ..... aww gosh darn it JUST GIVE ME ONE!!!!

DH says:

Can't wait to get the Droid ... Please put me in for the Slacker.

this would be great for my new Droid

jim425 says:

What a great way to break in a new Droid!

Matt Vallier says:

I just ordered the Droid. Never tried Slacker Radio, but I'm always willing to start.

VetteVert says:


sleepyEDB#AC says:

Ooh, ooh, pick me! :D


E2009 says:

My co-worker has this on her Bberry and loves it. On her phone it doesn't use as much battery power as Pandora. I'm so glad to hear it's available on Android!

edison234 says:

Yep, I sure would love to win the subscription!

Lovecore says:

Slacker FTW!

dmitriyk says:

I like Slacker!

Faustous says:

Free? Sorry, I heard someone call me :)

Nyteraver says:

Finally! Slacker on Android can't wait to try it! Hey I'd love to get it for free!

Nick Love says:

I would definitely love some Slacker radio. it would make work go by a little faster

analogs says:

Anybody know what bitrate/codec they use? I'm pretty sure all the other big Android streaming apps (Last.fm, Pandora, Imeem) use 128k MP3. You can argue all day long about who can tell the difference between higher bitrates but 96 - 128kbps is the sweet spot where the alternative codecs make a pretty big difference. Apparently the desktop app uses AAC but I can't find any info about the mobile version. It sounds to me like they do. Susan Anway's vocals on 100,000 Fireflies by The Magnetic Fields is coming through crisp and clear. The snare drum/hand claps sound a little compressed but still not bad.

MCNPorter says:

Was waiting for this to come to Android! Thanks Android Central for the heads up! And if I can get a 1-year subscription for free too!!!

josh says:

I hope i win

orac says:

Mmmm....free radio!

jseaton says:

This would be great, thanks! I'm an Android newb, and I absolutely love my new Droid! So glad I waited for Verizon to come out with a good phone rather than switch to the iPhone.

tclaer#AC says:

I am a Blackberry user for 4 years and nothing compares to my mew Moto Droid. Simply the most amazing phone I have ever used. I use to say I loved Blackberry cause "it worked when u wanted it to work.". It just did it slowly compared to my Droid. No issues at all with this device and vzw speed is outstandong.

Brian says:

I love it! I was considering not getting a Droid because I knew there wasn't a Slacker app for it. I ended up getting it anyway and imagine my surprise to find this in the Market! I hope y'all add station caching soon, though I probably won't need it now that I'm done with AT&T's wonderful network. Thanks!

BigTex71 says:

That is something I was afraid I would miss from the BlackBerry. Alas, it is available for My Precious (Droid). I would love to win a subscription, very cool of Slacker.

JTizzle says:

Sweet! Slacker for android rocks! Any plans they'll offer a cache mode like they do on BB?

Bethlyn184 says:

Free music? Awesome!!

Mike says:


abalboa3 says:

Hope I win!!!

daithin says:

Awesome! Would go great on this Droid!

So I switched from t-mobile to Sprint I had to get a BB till my Hero was put out. I found a sweet app in their BB app store (Slacker of course). Now that I got my Hero all I have is Pandora (don't like it) for music options. I can't wait to rock Slacker I don't care if i have to pay its so worth it.!

Ziegy says:

Slacker is awesome!!!

JaTo#AC says:

I've been an android fan since day one! Thank you Android Central!

bubba says:

droid's showing up on tuesday via FedEx and I NEED SLACKER!!!!1!

Gcarranzajr says:


proctph says:

I was a big fan of Slacker on my Curve... love to try it on the DROID!

btd says:

Slacker is a great music service. I would love to try the upgrade on my Moment.

casaprivado says:

I would love to try the subscription part of this service.

Will says:

Checking out Slacker Radio on my new DROID now. It'd be pretty cool to try the upgrade, too. (If you know what I mean...)

Jason A says:

Slacker worked great for me the other day at the gym. Better than the Pandora app if you ask me...

Dave H. says:

Very cool guys, hope to win!

MikeG7265 says:

I've been using Slacker since my BB Curve, then my Tour, and now I would love to have the free year subscription for my Hero....pick me please!! Thanks

jesup says:

About to get my Droid...

rappellr says:

Had Slacker Radio on my Blackberry, glad I can get it for my Hero.

Jen says:

Great offering

scot says:

slacker me please

Jon says:

thinking about getting a droid and slacker would be great on it

jimmc says:

getting a Droid on Nov 24th when my annual update is available...coming from a Storm 1 and really liked Slacker on it....can't want to have it on my new Droid

lance says:


I would love to try Slacker Radio Pro for a year free.


Zach Iniguez says:

Slacker Radio is AWESOME, especially while in the car. I'd love a subscription!

Alan Koslow says:

I am in love with my 2 day old Droid and look have slacker lite on it. I would love a full version

Ronogg says:

My new phone comes in on tuesday... this would be a really cool feature to add to my new DRoid... especially if they give it to me for free.....

Jeff says:

Just got mine today. Would be thankful for a free year subscription. Might even get rid of my sirius sattelite radio.

brian says:

yes please!