Skyfire 3.0

Skyfire just released their cool new social networking browser, and you know we had to get our hands on it.  It just so happens that we have a Viewsonic gTablet at our disposal, so we figured -- what better way to test out a new version of Skyfire, than on hardware that isn't running a "phone style" version of Android.  If it breaks, we need to know and let you know, and if it works, well that's important, too.  Especially with tablets due to come out of the woodwork this Friday. And having a 10 inch screen to demo it one is always a good thing.

Check out the video after the break, and you can see Skyfire in action.


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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zerojay says:

Jerry, is it in the Android Market? So far, I'm still only seeing the 2.3 beta and I'm running Froyo. :/

Jonneh says:

looks great to me! I want one...and that tab.

Mike77 says:

Not on Skyfire's site either.

mflava#AC says:

When will this be available for download. -HTC Evo

Just heard back from Skyfire. They're trying to get it up ASAP. Originally wasn't going to be for another hour or so.

Mobius360 says:

Will give this one a try for sure. Just downloaded 2.3.3 from the market and it seems nice so far. I used to use Skyfire on my old Windows phone.

You guys should do a browser pros & cons comparison. Seems like there is so many choices now.

Stang68 says:

Looks very cool. I like Skyfire a lot and I hope this brings speed improvements along with this Facebook stuff.

Gclark2000 says:

I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!

Gclark2000 says:

Are you guys gonna post a QR code ?

ShAdoWSKy says:

just searched it up on the marketplace with my phone and found it! its labeled "Skyfire 3.0 with facebook"

edit: so i just downloaded this on my fascinate, and once I opened it... I was flooded with force close messages. anyone else have this problem?

Mike77 says:

No crashes for me. FYI its not showing in Appbrain yet, but it is in the normal marketplace.

bbarend says:

I just opened the market and it prompted me to upgrade to Skyfire 3.0.

criley98#AC says:

Go to on a desktop, click Android, then scan the QR code. Found it perfectly. AppBrain takes a little while to get the pushed feed from Google. Kinda like RSS.

Mobius360 says:

Using 3.0 now. I think this will be a great choice for me as a browser.

Lambo28806 says:

Just downloaded and working flawlessly on my droid x

Mike77 says:

Working fine for me, can't tell if its better then Dolphin HD, but def not as bad as many of the others out there.

MowDownJoe says:

Why isn't this using Facebook Single Sign-On? Would make sense.

Mike77 says:

The tabs view with the thumbnails of open pages is a bit laggy for me.

Edit, its better now, prob had too much other crap open.

ShAdoWSKy says:

anyone else with a Fascinate having trouble opening the application? I always get a force close pop up.

Mike77 says:

Don't have a fascinate, but it works fine on my Epic, which is close to the same phone. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling?

Mobius360 says:

@xfascinatedx - Also using an Epic w/o issues. Sorry to hear you are not having much luck.

peterrod16 says:

Skyfire 3.0 works for Fascinate.
I justed downloaded it about 5 minutes ago.
The browser is faster than the previous version.

Croak#AC says:

Hrrm, no version of Skyfire is showing up in my Market on my Tab now.

Mike77 says:

Seems decent. I really don't care much about the social networking aspecs as much of its use as an everyday browser. So far it seems like it is close to Dolphin but it is early.

gmonkey88 says:

Very slow response to touch. Uninstalling right now. So far, nothing better than the original browser.
Motorola Droid CM 6.1 RC2

whippingboy says:

Jerry please hurry with a review of that GTAB! I've been very curious of that device for the past week and am not sure to pull the trigger or not for my wife as a gift.

SDsc_rch says:

been using this all day - pretty nice

its quite a step up from the 2.0 version

only thing i don't like so far is there's no "share" option -- i like to save a URL to springpad via the share option (this way i can go back and look at it later)

bigmac44 says:

Nothing but FCs on my Droid 1. Too bad. I guess I'll stick with Dolphin HD until Opera Mini fixes their page rendering issues.

strikeback03 says:

Sorry, no support for Skyfire from me anymore after they just yanked support from WinMo users without warning.