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Dedicated tablet app looks just like the phone equivalent 

British satellite broadcaster BSkyB has launched a dedicated tablet version of its Sky Go app, which allows subscribers to stream live TV and on-demand content to their Android devices. Sky says the app, like its smartphone counterpart, also gives customers access to more than 800 movies and a library of "hundreds" of entertainment shows and kids' content.

The launch of an official tablet app follows the gradual rollout of the Sky Go smartphone app over the past year — that app is available for a selection of popular Android devices sold in the UK. However the design of Sky Go for Android hasn't changed markedly in the tablet version — in fact it's almost identical to the phone version, leaving a lot of dead space on a 7-inch screen.

Sky Go for tablets is available now on Google Play for free, though you'll need a Sky subscription to use it. The app is compatible with "the majority of Android tablets that are 7 inches or larger and running Android 4.0 or later," according to the Play Store listing.

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Sky Go tablet app now available


This is great for those who have a tablet other than a Nexus 7. At least those with a device that is compatible.

However, I really don't see the value for existing Nexus 7 users. I've been using the "phone" version of the app on my Nexus 7 for quite a while and I've tried out the new "tablet" version today. I can honestly say that the phone version is better. They look virtually identical, I cannot tell the difference. Also, the tablet version seems to have issues with screen rotation (where if you are searching for a programme in portrait, it scales badly in landscape mode when you try to watch something.

Also, why have they added a new app listing for the tablet version? Why not have a single listing that will provide the appropriate version of the app according to your device a la Netflix?

It is working on the N10 (I have it on mine). You have to search for Sky Go Tablet. There have been reports of search problems on the Play store. Sky have links to the app on their website.

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