Sirius XM for Android

The official Sirius XM satellite radio app slipped into the Android Market over the holiday break. Previously you could only get it through the satellite radio provider's website -- a bit of a pain. If you're already a subscriber, streaming's included in your plan. If you're new, you can get a seven-day trial to test things out. Otherwise, the app is pretty much as it's been since we previewed it way back in May. Pick your station, and listen away. And remember that the Howard Stern channels are now available.

Download links for the app are after the break. Thanks, bman!


Reader comments

Sirius XM available in the Android Market


I can't seem to find the app on my android market. Tried a direct search and a link from the Sirius site and nada. I have the online account and have the app on my laptop and Ipod Touch.
Any idea why I can't find the app on the market?
Please help