Motorola Xoom from Comcast

Comcast -- yeah, that Comcast -- apparently is offering up the Motorola Xoom Android tablet when you sign up for a cable contract. There's a trio of options, but the gist is sign up for an applicable cable deal and get a Xoom for free, or $99, depending on the two-year contract you sign.

According to the internal memo, you'll have to actually ask about this deal, and you'll get the Xoom by mail -- in other words, they're not carrying them around in the trucks, ya' dig?

The promo, of course, ties in to Comcast's Xfinity app, which lets you control your Comcast experience from your phone or tablet. Interesting tie-in, that's for sure. Hit the break for more on the promo.

Thanks, anon!

 Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom Comcast

Now offering Motorola XOOM™ tablet From 8/1-9/15

The XOOM™ offer will be made ONLY through direct mail sent to Non Subs. This offer is only available upon customer request and NOT to be proactively offered. There are three different direct mail offers as outlined below:

  • Version 1: $99 x 12 Triple Play or step up to an HD Triple Play and get up to a $200 Visa prepaid card.
  • Version 2: $99 x 12 TP or step up to HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play and receive a Motorola XOOM™ (no price for the HD Preferred Plus XF TP will be mentioned on the piece but the qualifying price point is EDP - $174.99 or HD Premier XF TP at $199.99)
  • Version 3: Free Motorola XOOM™ with the HD Preferred Plus XF TP at $174.99 EDP (CAEs can also sell the customer into the HD Premier XF TP at $199.99 for the XOOM as well.)

Reader comments

Sign up for Comcast cable, get a Motorola Xoom for free (or $99)


Can I cancel my account and sign up again to get that low level tablet? :)

Love my Asus Transformer, my Droid Incredible, my Nook Color, and my HTC Thunderbolt.

Never thought I'd see the day when an Android user mocks an Android product.

Low level tablet? And this is coming from someone owning a Packard Bell...sorry Acer? A horribly sluggish, cheap, poorly made Taiwanesse engineered Acer?

The only reason the Xoom is now getting to be cheaper and cheaper is because Moto sucked at marketing it and they're probably getting ready to release the Xoom 2. As for your Acer, as with every Acer product, I'll give it 4 weeks from release date before I can pick it up for $99 at Best Buy.

Sent from my Xoom.

Yeah, because there is a big f---- difference between Acer and Asus, crap either way. Sorry son, I'd take an iPad over getting the Asus, Acer or Samsung tablets. Tried them all, I've wanted to stab myself as I waited for each to respond.

I love my Xoom, and I'd by another in a heartbeat.

Yeah sorry you're wrong. Asus makes great quality products. Maybe not for tablets (I haven't looked at theirs that much) but asus has great quality computers in comparison to acer. So not the same... Think before being an ass, please. =].

I used a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Xoom for three days each at work, and I couldn't tell the difference except the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was lighter and had more of a grippy feeling to the back. There was no 4G service where I was working. Both are too heavy for me to carry around all day, so I gave them back and don't want to buy one of either with my own money.

I am assuming that you don't know that some of the highest rated motherboards, video cards and computer components are ASUS. The make the best gaming motherboards (Republic of Gamers) and some of teh best graphics cards and the workmanship on ASUS is top notch. ASUS computer parts may be pricey but they are well worth it. Just go over to Newegg and google ASUS motherboards and read the reviews. Acer I cannot vouch for except that I know they own Gateway now.

Even though he said "Asus"...

Um, yeah screw you man. I've had an Acer laptop for three years and it's held up to every burden I've ever put to it.

I've had the Moto Droid 1 and I've been through three of them and one battery in about two. Went to look at the Xoom in Best Buy and the salesman told me how they kept having to replace the demo unit because of various build quality issues that eventually resulted in failures.

I'd take an Acer tablet any day over a Moto one. (But I got the Samsung one, so whatever)

You just mocked an android product. Also, it sounds like your sour, most likely from getting raped in the ass by the xoom.

Eh, triple play only. Even if my apartment complex had Comcast running to it, we're monopolized by Dish and Qwest, I'd still pass. I don't need a home phone, and the money I'd pay to add that for 2 years could just buy me a Xoom if I really wanted one.

I am glad Comcast realized that there are actually Android devices out in the market place. Sort of bitter as their xfinity app for the istuff allows you to stream tv and movies while the android app is basically a glorified remote app.

I still don't get companies who produce shoddy apps for the android market but provide beautiful functioning apps for the istuff.

I suppose this is a good deal for the few people that are foolish enough to actually pay that amount of money for TV service. HD over the air, Netflix and a fat bandwidth pipe seem to satisfy my every media need these days.

It would take a lot more than a Xoom to get me to give up my 400 FiOS channels and 35/35 broadband for that horribly Comcast crap. Comcast takes the HD TV signals as provided by the vendors and re-compresses them to fit on their pathetically limited pipe. The result is channels that have terrible macro blocking, especially during motion scenes. Meanwhile, FiOS does not do any re-compression at all and has bandwidth to burn.

When I got FiOS, it was like rediscovering HD all over again. Screw Comcast.

I jumped out to to inquire about the xoom offer. The online sales assistant had no clue. She asked where I heard about the "offer". I told her I also told her I was just looking for the xoom as incentive as i wasn't leaving FIOS. I told her can she match the 37MB/42MB speed over wireless. She was speechless and said that if i didn't need her help she was going to go assist other customers.

I'm on hold right now with a Comcast customer loyalty rep and she didn't a thing about it until I gave her the link to the story. I have been trying for the past half hour to get them to give me the same offer but as an existing subscriber I don't qualify. On a positive note though I did get my service upgraded and at a decent discount. My thanks to Amy at Comcast.

I don't mean to laugh or be insensitive, but you called about one thing and before they were done with you they sold you an upgrade at a decent discount. lol

Never thought i would say this.. but i wish i could get comcast in my area!! Just moved and only have crappy DSL.... REALLY miss comcast (just not all the BS they give you after you have been a customer and are not "new" any more) :)

I was interested in this until I went to their site to get prices on Triple Play and saw how much it goes up after 12 months. It's a 2-year contract. Wow. I could just save that money and buy a Xoom. No, thanks, I believe I will pass and keep my DirecTV service and slow-mo DSL.

There is nothing "Free" about getting something with no down payment when you have to pay for it over the life of a contract.

Get this car FREE!!! Just sign up for our XYZ service for 5 years of monthly payments. Right.

I have called Comcast 2 times now trying to figure out this deal because I signed up for the HD triple Play yesterday. Then I get on the computer today and looking around the forum and I find this posting about the 99 dollar Zoom. Does anyone know who you need to talk to or ask for? Please help if anyone has got this deal. Also I am a new subscriber to Comcast. So I was eligible for the Zoom deal. I know I have 30 days to drop / change anything on my account.
Anyhow Please let me know because I rather get a Motorola Zoom then a 100 dollar Visa gift card.


Ok, so after being on hold for 5 minutes. The person I talked to could not find anything about this deal. Was transfered to sales, and after 10 minutes of talking he found the deal. It does not start tell August 12th and is for ONLY for NEW customers.