It looks like the uber-popular ShopSavvy application is missing for some users. The creators of ShopSavvy have received multiple reports of ShopSavvy not displaying in Android Market and are wondering how widespread the issue is. ShopSavvy displays just fine for us (open up Android Market, go to all applications, sort by popularity, it should be 4th).

If ShopSavvy is missing on your Android phone, head over to their site to see how to help!


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Is ShopSavvy Missing From Android Market ?


It's not something dumb like the version of Android required is it? My friend couldn't see my MoneyTracker app because he didn't have the 1.5 update. As soon as he had the update it appeared!

i had to restore my g1 today when i went to download FBook, i couldnt find it...i went to the developer's page and it's still there...but i can't find it in the market