Shazam on Android

Shazam, that oh-so-cool “music discovery” app that identifies a song simply by listening, has been updated to allow free unlimited tagging. This means that users no longer have to upgrade to the paid Shazam Encore ($4.99 in the Android Market) should they want to tag more than five songs per month. The update, bumping Shazam up to version 3.0.0, also brings support for “Shazam Friends”, a feature that allows you to share your tags via Facebook, formerly available to iOS users only.

The unlimited tagging promotion will last through January 1, 2012 and is made possible by a sponsorship from eBay (a unique pairing, but who’s complaining?). Hit the source link for the full press release and grab the new and improved app from the Android Market link after the break.

Source: Shazam


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Shazam update gives free unlimited tagging, adds 'Shazam Friends' feature


This looks to me like an admission that they were pricing this toy out of reach, and soundhound was eating their lunch.

Social tagging? Really? Why?

Nice. I was grandfathered into unlimited tagging but had to replace my EVO with a new one....and lost it and switched to Soundhound. Always liked Shazam better, but I think because it looks "snazzier" when it's tagging. I'm shallow like that.

Social tagging can be somewhat useful if I hear something I want to share. Nice feature.

grabbed SoundHound for free from Amazon Appstore, much better in my opinion

also i think i grabbed Shazam when it was free too but just never installed it

these apps have become useless to me in college though, i never turn the radio on!

Its also useful when you hear songs in commercials, movies and out and about say at clubs, bars and so on. Music tagging is a frequently used app for me.

Just wanted to chime in with the rest of the Amazon App Store crowd. I got both Soundhound Infinity and Shazam Encore for free within the past few weeks.

Why does Soundhound keep prompting me for upgrade when I have the version that was free and offers unlimited tagging?
WTH does the paid version do that the free unlimited tagging one does not?

Side by side, I notice that Shazam is more accurate whereas Soundhound more often cannot find the song.

That said, Soundhound offers more features like lyrics in the app itself, and when you share a song the link is a dedicted page with embedded YouTube video if available.

Hmm, Shazam searches for lyrics too, does it dump you out to the browser to get 'em tho? I can't remember.

I tested both Shazam and Soundhund a while ago (when I got SH for free off Amazon) and I found Shazam to be slightly more accurate. Soundhound managed to consistently mis-tag a song by The Killers when I played the first 20s of it (kept saying it was some other artist, same one every time) whereas Shazam got it right w/o issue. I had the same thing happen with one or two other songs from my collection during my informal testing. YMMV of course...

Soundhound's UI layout is probably better than Shazam's endless black menu but feature-wise they're about on par as far as reviews, links to Amazon/YouTube, etc. Soundhound does let you hum songs to identify them but it's pretty hit or miss. I like Shazam's setting to start tagging/listening as soon as I open the app... I mostly use it to tag songs in commercials and TV shows (where you usually have a brief window to catch it) so I appreciate that, even if it just saves me a screen tap.

Can't really go wrong w/either tho.