Not a banana

With the Moto X launching today on AT&T, we imagine more than a handful of folks will be heading to the Moto Maker site to design their own colors. It's a cool perk that's only available for AT&T customers and it adds not a penny to the $199 contract cost (for the 16GB model) of the Moto X.

Phil has shown us how it all works in a short video, but getting in there and playing with the service is fun — even if you have no plans to buy today. You can choose from 18 different colors for the back of the phone, white or black for the front, and from seven different colors of anodized aluminum for the accents around the camera and the buttons. There's also 20 different wallpapers to pick from in addition to the ones included on all Moto X phones, and you can even add a little message to the boot splash animation. 

I've been tinkering with it, designing phones with colors of sports teams, or trying to make the ugliest phone in the world, but I finally settled on the "not a banana" look above. Head to the Moto Maker site, play around with it, and be sure to share your creation with everyone in the forums!

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Share your Moto X Moto Maker design in the Moto X forums


Out of the gate, the ad campaign is a bust. 11 days estimated to ship my designs, and that's without engraving!

It wasn't showing ship dates when I was messing around with it. Do you have a Moto X card or am I missing something?

Isn't the top article on this site about the how the VP for Moto said there may be delays from release-day orders due to high demand? -Ara

I would love to share my design but since I'm in Scotland UK and we can't get it I think I'll pass as it would increase my want for one even more

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Wish they had HTML color code options, so that I can get the green and yellow just right for my Alma Mater. Go Bison! (North Dakota State University)

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The MotoMaker source code gives us a few new bits of information. The listed wood back offerings are: teak, ebony, rosewood, and bamboo. The surcharge for a wood back is listed as $50.