Thumbs up, or thumbs down. It's that simple. The folks at Opinionaided, Inc. have developed an application called Thumb, and what Thumb does is allow you to either seek opinions of others, or share your own opion with them about their image.

Once you launch the application you are given the option to either ask for opinions or to share your opinions, in addition you can also see results and view your own profile all from within one page. If you chose to ask for opinions you can upload a picture, select a category and add some text along with it and then submit it to the masses to view their opinions. If you want to just give opinions you can either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down or remain neutral if you aren't really sure on a particular image. 

The application is free, the feedback is priceless, so what are you waiting for? Hit the break and download it now!


Reader comments

Share and receive opinions on the go with Thumb for Android


I actually think it's kind of sad. People are too scared to make up their own mind especially when it comes to what others will think.

Downloaded to check out. My first test question was "How good is Android?" I stopped after 64 votes - 70% thumbs down or neutral, and 30% thumbs up. If a written comment was included, it was usually about how iOS is great, and Android is crap / junk. Funny, I think the opposite, Android is great, and iOS is crap / junk. ;-)