The OnePlus One is official — and causing quite the stir with its grassroots marketing efforts. In this excerpt from our most recent podcast, Phil, Andrew and special guest JR Raphael sum up the announcement of the OnePlus One smartphone, whether its price and specs will end up disrupting the market — and if its marketing efforts have backfired.

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Seven minutes on OnePlus


Let Me Be The First To Say,
I would NEVER ask your permission to purchase your product.
Asking people to destroy perfectly good phones for a chance to own your product is just plain stupid.
I thought you really wanted to make a positive impact in the market.. not this drug induced method you are attempting.

I don't mind the fact you have to sign up to buy the phone to start. They haven't done this before and they may be concerned about quantities and making sure they don't get into a situation where they can't keep up with sales vs production. The smashing the phones on the other hand is extremely irritating and wasteful.


Well I signed up to smash my G2, but I doubt I'm going to get picked since I just saw on their Twitter that over 100,000 people have signed up already. I'll probably do the smart thing and sell it on Swappa.

Man out of all the great things G2 users have been saying about it you'd be willing to smash it for an unknown device from an unknown company? The G2 is probably worth more than the Oneplus One... Why not sell it and basically get the One for free?

Well I still owe money on it. I got it from T-Mobile in January. So if I sell it I'll probably break even. Then still have to come up with $300+ dollars for the OnePlus One. So I'm thinking if I can it for a dollar it's a come up.

At least cm will work right unlike in most phones. Not sure if that is a bonus anyway.

Specs are good, phone looks nice, cm on board (at least they didn't go the oppo route) for updates. Just gotta give them time to shake out the inevitable kinks of a first run and they could be a player in the more space in a few years.

More competition is always good

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Agreed. I really like the look of the phone. And I like they are only charging 50 bucks for the bump up to 64 gb. For all the things they are doing right I may be able to look past the "smash your phone" hype.

Not this year, maybe not next year. They still have to prove themselves

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Because it is directly made for the device, not an after market project without the correct drivers

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Is anyone else tired of all the talking and just want to be able to buy the phone? I feel like the company has done a good job thus far however the experience of them getting the phone into people's hand is not going well and I feel like I'm settling. I understand the constraints especially being a startup company however I feel like they could be a little bit more transparency in terms of who is more likely going to get the invites and what other options there are for the invite system

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Android Central is being very hard on this company. OnePlus is trying to make waves and they're succeeding. Good for them. I hope they're successful and become a big player. God knows we need more right now than just Samsung.

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Ya. But a good device just won't cut it, if nobody knows about it. They need to do a good job in marketing it.

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Everybody is talking about this company..attention is what they want.
I am very excited about this phone.
Nexus 5 black 32gb

This thing is so over hyped. There will probably be allot disappointed

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While I don't agree with what One Plus is doing they are getting people to talk and creating a stir. I just want to be put on a waiting list or just pre order one. There is no way I'm going to smash my GPE GS4 or M8 in order to be put on some list that doesn't guarantee that I will be the first to get a device. If you go to their website there is no option to pre order the only option is that you have to destroy your device.....hell no! If they keep up this gimmicky promotion they are going to lose my interest. Make the damn phone, put it on sale and stop the monkey business.

Read again. You sign up, if picked you smash. No pick - no smash.

I agree it's a silly promotion but when they're competing against multi billion marketing budgets you need to look for any edge

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All products will have a group of people who hate it. IPhone has them, Samsung, HTC, etc. This is inevitable. The only thing worse than haters is people setting expectations high then being disappointed, making them angry haters lol. This isn't being done by the company, but the people who buy in to the hype and setting the bar high.

Just saying

Could they not do a trade in, instead of the smash your phone? I don't want to get all political, but with thieving governments making many millions poor and hard up this is just a Very bad joke.
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Dear people, please don't smash your phones, its very wasteful.
People on the internet who have never ever ever wasted anything ever in their lives ever.

The marketing gurus at OnePlus are pulling off quite a coup. The whole smash your phone controversy has created a lot of free press that certainly was their intent all along. It's hard to believe some idiot will smash his or her month old HTC One M8 for one of these but you gotta hand it to the company for suckering people into stupidity and gaining worldwide brand recognition at the same time. They probably are so damn smart that afterwards they'll be big promoters of responsible recycling and free phones for children's orphanages.

I like one person to tell me what is so special about this phone?
If it is cheap, I rather pay more to get a Nexus phone and support that comes with it?
Does it offer anything extraordinaire over other phones that many people have gone koookooo over it?
Crazy or pure stupidity?

I'm sure the chances of being picked for that lucky 100 are extremely low, but if I wanted to get a OnePlus One by smashing a phone, I would do what that one guy said and just buy an already broken S3 on eBay for 40-50 bucks and then smash that.

I don't mind the promotion at one bitches and moans at the waste of those guys who blend phones just for youtube hits and to promote their blender brand. Where's the outrage there?

For me, I could get $75-$100 for an old S3 sitting around mostly unused, then throw in $250 cash to buy the OnePlus One. On the other hand, I could enter this contest, and if picked, smash my S3 and throw $1 for the new phone. Seems like a no-brainer to me if you have an S3 laying around.

Most of the other phones looked like recent high-end devices, so the economics aren't as exaggerated.

Sorry guys, I signed up for the promo, and will do the deed if picked, just for fun and a new toy (1+1).

I really don't understand the fuss. One plus is obviously doing the smash promotion for buzz. They don't have a marketing budget. The amount of waste is comparatively small in the grand scheme of things I think the amount of fake outrage being thrown around by a group of folk that clamor for the latest drop test videos is seriously crazy. No one is making you smash your phone. But if I get picked I'm blowing up my Samsung Galaxy s3!

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The OnePlus segment of the otherwise excellent podcast was disappointing. I was hoping for a discussion of the specs, the pricing and how it would stack up against the competition.

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I agree. Android Authority really had better coverage. They got a hands on and some interviews. Kinda surprised that Central gave them the shaft. I would like a review from this site before I give my $300 away.

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In fact at the previous episode Phil talked about sending someone to cover the OnePlus event. There was no mention of that in the podcast, had they sent someone perhaps they would have had time playing with the phone as other reviewers did (a number of YouTube videos have hands on with the phone). There is a lot to talk about here including the comparison to the Oppo 7, they seemed totally unprepared and focused on the lazy topic of marketing. Shame, these guys are otherwise excellent.

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Android Central has become punditry. Which is fine. That's why I read. But Android Police is the better option for what you're looking for

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Instead of excerpting the segment and holding it up as brilliant analysis via its own separate posting, they should have cut it from the full podcast and let their uninformed righteousness insult only those of us who heard it live.

The only good thing to come from that discussion, for me, was learning there was a BOINC client for Android. I've got a dozen Android devices collecting dust, I don't mind plugging them in and letting them crunch some distributed computing numbers.

you people are forgetting that its only the people who have been choses will have to smash the phone. NOT people that smashed their phone already. there is a big difference and I dont see anything wrong with this.
its simple as:
1. sign up
2. get chosen
3. smash your phone
4. get a new for a buck

I believe you are all thinking
1. sign up
2. smash your phone
3. get chosen (or not)
4. get a new for a buck (or not)

I was going to buy one of these ( 64gb) model...... then I found out the hoops I had jump through just to get the 'privledge' to buy from an unknown ( to me anyway), smartphone manufacturer. Uh, eff that! Ordered the Oppo F7A and feel good about my decision!

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The 100 phones that will be destroyed by this promotion are a drop in the bucket compared to all the waste from drop tests, stress tests, and other entertainment angles. Noone has mentioned how entertaining this may actually be. To see what ideas for destruction people come up with and what ideas One Plus actually picks.
There are far more wasteful thing going on in the world to get all bent about a few phones. And if truth be told, the people posting to this blog alone probably all have 1 or 2 old phones laying around that are not being used. All would total more than this 100. I know I have 2. If you think this promo is wasteful, make sure you have already donated all your "back up" devices before you criticize. Because to me that is just as wasteful.

Yeah my SUV is wasteful because it's been parked for 2 weeks. And my winter tires are wasteful because they're in the shed waiting for snow.

Don't get me started on all those boxes that could be holding food being shipped to starving children in Africa...

Minor difference there, you will actually use that SUV and snow tires. Most will not really use those old phones sitting in the drawers.

O was interested in this device but the way you have to purchase just sucks. Therefore I'll pass on it. Good device but so many good phones come out these days, who cares.

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