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Following today's leak of an unreleased version of Sense 5 running on the Droid DNA, we're now seeing more screenshots from users claiming to have their hands on the software as well. Member mdeejay at XDA has just put up several screenshots of what is said to be a stable build of Android 4.1.2 with Sense 5 running on the Verizon phone, as ported from -- wait for it -- a Sprint version of the rumored M7.

We're not sure if that answers more questions than it creates, but it certainly gives us a lot to think about. This probably isn't the last leak (or purported leak) we'll see in the coming weeks, as HTC is likely set to show off a number of new devices at MWC in February. You can take a gander at several more screenshots at the source link below.

Source: XDA


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More Sense 5 screenshots spotted on a Droid DNA


No. The font is all wrong. Compared to Roboto, whats in these screenshots is all stretched out and disfigured. That alone is suspicious.

HTC would be committing suicide if they only launched with Sprint in the states. It'd be a Palm Pre all over again.

This isn't about a phone, it was just ported from a Sprint phone. I'm sure they are working on flagship GSM phones, maybe even a Verizon phone.

Not a big sense gan either and surprised they're upgrading Sense since usually they only do it along with An Android version upgrade (like when they went with Sense 3.6 or 4 when they upgraded devices to ICS)

Is not fake. I saw a report Saturday about this running on a phone in Europe. Mobile World Congress is on the way and so is sense 5.0

as ported from -- wait for it -- a Sprint version of the rumored M7.

Thank you Sprint. I have always loved you.

That clock looks like its pulled straight from Beautiful Widgets. Also what's with the completely random sizes on the hotseat apps? I'm calling bs

I like the clean look to it. Of course, I'm a fan of Swiss Design, so maybe that's got something to do with it. (Not that this is that...) I don't like the font though. They should choose another.

Five Sense generations in, why is it HTC still doesn't put the battery percentage in the notification bar?

The phone knows this information, I've had ICS ROMs that display it on my Evo 3D, I don't get it. Does Apple hold a patent or something?

Can't believe people like this. The icons on sense 4 and 4+ are way better. Look at the weather icon for god sake! On sense 4 it shows a very nice detailed sun or moon depending on the weather and time of day. Big downgrade with the icons here.