Sennheiser Momentum headphones

Sennheiser makes some pretty nice headphones. I'd wager that more than a few of us here have a pair (or two) ourselves. Today they tell us that later this year, you'll be able to score a pair of limited edition Ingress themed Momentum cans.

The Momentum series offers really good sound at a decent price, and seeing Sennheiser get together with Google's Niantic Labs for an Ingress edition sounds like a really cool idea. While you're hacking portals, you need some great audio, and the Momentum 'phones can provide just that. There's no exact date or price listed, but we'll keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, Niantic and Sennheiser have put together a great video about Ingress, and how you can connect with the world through using it.


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Sennheiser to release a limited Ingress edition MOMENTUM headphone later this year


huh. I haven't played since they opened beta. For some reason Im still really interested in those cans.

Any good sennheiser ear buds? School started back up this week and they allow us to use headphones alot but I don't want to bring my sennheiser 280s to school.

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